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    Kyle D

    I have a 6 month Alaskan malamute and I’m looking at the Farmina n and d pumpkin food And whether it’s maxi or mini or medium and maxi it seems the calcium content all seems to be adequate for large breed puppy. Would I be ok to go with any of these? More specifically I was looking and cod fish and pumpkin medium and maxi and lamb pumpkin and blueberry medium and maxi. Thoughts? Seems like a very high quality product my local pet store started to sell it here in the USA

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    Reese B

    Hi kyle,
    The FDA released a warning for a potential link between heart disease and dogs fed foods that are high in legumes/peas/potatoes.

    Farmina N&D pumpkin has 20% pea starch…which in my opinion is really high. I would avoid foods like that at least until more conclusive evidence is found regarding what is causing heart disease in dogs.

    That being said, I still think Farmina is a really good brand. They have a line of food called N&D ancestral grains. That line doesn’t have any peas or legumes or potatoes and the calcium content is the same as the pumpkin one.

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    Hi Kyle,

    Send Farmina an email & ask Farmina all your questions they would have vet nutritionist who would know which formula is best for your dog growing bones….
    I think your better off sticking with the Medium Maxi formula’s for Large Breed, click on Puppy & see which medium maxi formula’s come up in the different Farmina range.

    This Farmina Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Maxi Large Breed Formula looks good

    The complexity is illustrated by the fact that not all of the grain free diet DCM dogs reported, are taurine deficient,
    it’s only been a few grain free foods that were diet related “Zignature & Acana” it seems to be the Grain Free foods that are high legumes that are blocking Taurine for ‘Some Dogs’ NOT all dogs??

    Vet diets have been using Potatoes for many years & very high amounts of potato, more potato then meat proteins in their vet diets & there hasnt been any dogs suffering with diet related heart problems who are eating these Grain Free Potato Vet Diets??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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