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    Karen D

    Hi all I posted here in Dec. regarding HK Keen causing diarrhea & was happy to be directed to Orijen Senior which I have been feeding ever since along with a few TBLS of Newmans own canned Turkey/Chicken. She loved the Orijen then 11 days ago my husband came home from work at midnight & let her out, she had some sort of “episode” (vet isn’t sure) out in the yard where she passed out cold….she woke right up & seems fine but after many tests & xrays Vet put her on Vetmedin for her heart & now she spits out the Orijen, but will eat it if I mix it with the newmans. Vet mentioned a low fat diet as her triglycerides are high. I mentioned cooking her boiled chicken & green beans with rice & Vet said that would be good, but it caused immediate diarrhea, I told her the Orijen was 15% fat & she said not bad, so am at a loss here. Anyone have any experience with something like this?

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    Karen D

    I guess I’m the only one who has had a dog faint? Back to Vet yesterday & showed her the ingredients from Orijen Senior & she says all good stuff EXCEPT too much protein 38%, she would like to see 27-28% & she recommended dry Hills W/D, I bought a 8# bag against my better judgement. Pnut spit it out but she has also spit out the Orijen since she fainted but ate it with gusto for the past 3 months but eats the Acana Duck/Bartlett pear I bought as a sample.

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    Idiopathic seizure activity? At age 14 she may be just failing in general, you may see some confusion and cognitive changes also.
    I have a 15 year old small breed and he’s not the same dog he was even a couple of years ago. He had some mild seizure activity a few years ago after his rabies shot, so the vet agreed with me, no more vaccinations for him.
    Have you tried soaking the kibble and adding a spoonful of wet food or homemade plain chicken broth.

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    Karen D

    Vet says no way to tell for sure except $2000 brain scan that even if it showed anything there would be no treatment. They found a heart murmur & she is on Vetmedin as of 2 weeks ago, so yeah failing health. Just odd she loved the Orijen before the faint & next day smelled it & spit it out, will only eat it now if I mix it with some canned food. She was due for dental & now vet says no way, too dangerous & no vaccinations either.

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