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    Sherron H

    Just over two years ago, I rescued a Chihuahua. At the time, she had been eating Purina
    something or other (the one with the freeze-dried chicken in it.) She seemed to tolerate it OK, but I still weaned her to something better without problems. After about
    a year and a half when she started shedding profusely, we started looking for something that didn’t cause her to shed. We went through BB, NB, and several others that I can’t remember. All the better quality foods seemed to have a high caloric content. In my quest to find a food that didn’t make her shed, I caused her to gain about six pounds. We are now on a grain free food and she has lost about two pounds. But, I can tell that she’s hungry all the time. I hate this. I feel like the wicked witch of the canine world, and Poppy is just hungry. BTW, we are now on 1/2 Wellness Core grain free weight management(wet) , and 1/2 Nutrish Grain Free (dry) (on the list.)
    Sometimes she has tears coming from her eyes, and a clear nasal discharge which I think is due to the weeds in the back yard.
    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Some dogs shed a lot, you could try a daily fish oil supplement…in case the shedding is related to dry skin.

    She may have environmental allergies, if so, and it is causing her discomfort for 4 seasons, I would consider getting her tested. http://www.allergydogcentral.com/2011/06/30/dog-allergy-testing-and-allergy-shots/#comment-1283

    Have you considered a home made diet? You could still use kibble as a base

    Is she getting enough exercise? A 20 minute brisk walk 2 or 3 times a day will aid with weight loss.

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    Hi, sounds like environment allergy with the watery eyes & runny nose could also have food intolerances there’ s this product called “Platinum Allergy & skin performance”
    http://www.platinumperformance.com/pets/allproducts/ just scroll down & you’ll see the Skin & Allergy also there’s a group on Face Book called “Dog Allergy International Group” look in the files there’s antibacterial shampoos & foods that are limited ingredient single protein diets, that have worked for some dogs with allergies & food intolerances, there’s a lot of info & help https://www.facebook.com/groups/dogallergyinternationalgroup/

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    Hi there’s a ne product called “Platinum Skin & Allergy performance” http://www.platinumperformance.com/pets/allproducts scroll down a bit & you will see the skin & allergy…
    also there’s a really good group on Facebook called “Dog allergy international group” they have heaps of info go to their files there’s limited ingredient foods, shampoos to use..

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