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    Although I have joined the Editor’s Choice area, I am finding it still difficult to select a good food for my cane corso. There is still a lot of choices to review even in the Editor choice area. What is really confusing and misleading is the Editor’s Top picks displayed above shop at an online retailer in the gray box that is displayed once a food choice is made. Once clicked its asking for subscription fee that already has been paid for Editor’s choice. Is this another area to subscribe to or is it just another description for the Editor’s Choice? I am considering ZiwiPeak dehydrated, there are no “red” controversial ingredients listed, any feedback?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Mr. Corbette –

    I’m not really sure what you’re referring to with the online retailer in the gray box. If you’re seeing the Editor’s Choice section with no issues I’d assume there’s no issue with your subscription fee.

    As far as picking a food, there’s no reason you need to pick just one food. And, in fact, I wouldn’t advise doing so. Variety is important so my suggestion would be to rotate among several quality foods.

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    Variety of proteins and micronutrients are beneficial for your dog. I find it best to switch both manufacturer and protein regularly. It seems great exposure lessens sensitvity.

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    It is just another description. Ignore that gray box if it confuses you and use Google to find a retailer.

    I’ve read favorable reviews about ZiwiPeak, but its out of my current price range.

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    Joel D

    Is there an Editor’s Top Picks for Puppies? I’m just trying to find the recommendations for puppy foods. Thanks

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    The Editor’s Choice is a list of brands. Each of those brands produce different products. Those products are available in different formulas.

    Select a brand, then select a product, and if a puppy formula is available it will be listed.

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    Hound Dog Mom, for clarification. Once signing in to Editors choice area, selecting a product, such as ZiwiPeaks under the Advisors rating is the gray box and with in it is:

    View Our Editor’s Top Picks
    Shop at an Online Retailer
    Get 20% Off + Free Shipping

    Now the confusing part I referred to was Editors Top Picks, are the top picks the same as Editors Choice? Also if you click top picks to see what it’s about, you are asked to pay a fee, of which a fee was already paid for the Editors Choice.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Mr. Corbette –

    There should only be one fee and that’s for access to the Editor’s Choice. Editor’s Choice/Editor’s Top picks are the same thing. If it’s asking you to pay again when you click that box you may be getting logged out. WordPress (the platform that the forums is on) can be touchy – it logs me out occasionally when I go from one area to another. So if that happens again check to see if you’re logged in or not.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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