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    My 70 lb, 16 month old pit mix has always had regurgitation issues, particularly in the morning. He was checked out by my vet and it seems like an irregular esophagus, nothing too serious.

    One of the things I have found that helps is getting him to munch on something to absorb some of the overnight stomach acid build up prior to giving him water in the morning. Unfortunately, he loves the large Milk Bones, but of course, I don’t.

    I have tried the Old Mother Hubbard Classic Bac’N’Cheez Biscuits Baked Dog Treats, which are a great size, but they are not that healthy and aren’t grain-free. Of course, my dog doesn’t like them as much as Milk Bone, either. I am trying to find something large, at least relatively healthy [he only gets one a day] and definitely grain-free that I can use. It seems almost everything that is healthy and grain-free is small.

    I always get good advice here and much of my dog’s dietary/nutritional routine comes from DFA. Any ideas?

    P.S. If anyone is wondering why I don’t just give him a few different healthy, grain-free cookies, the answer is my dog has always been a picky eater and I consider it a success if I can get him to eat one thing in the morning. Multiple cookies are a chore.

    P.P.S. If anyone is searching the word “regurgitation” and finds this post, I would be glad to share the things I have done to minimize the problem. One idea I got from this forum was to add Iceland Pure Sardine Anchovy oil to his diet. I went from at least 1-3 regurgitations a day to 1-3 per week, maybe fewer. Coincidence or not, I don’t know, but amazon.com ships me my supply monthly and we aren’t stopping it – ever!

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    I use Wagatha’s organic dog biscuits. They are wheat free, just not grain-free. I have used Instinct biscuits before and they weren’t small. They’re grain free freeze dried Raw Boost treats might work too.

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    I use Cloud Star Grain Free Buddy Biscuits and my dog really enjoys them. They are large and come in a few different flavors. They also have a wheat free version if you are don’t mind grains being included.

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    I’m using Nature’s Variety Instinct biscuits at night right now. I’m sure you’d like the ingredients. They’re grain free and have few ingredients, but they’re not big. I just got out the tape measure, they’re two inches long. Another product I use for years is Vital Essential freeze dried niblets. I only use the tripe, because the only ingredient is tripe and one of my pups has some intolerance issues and he tolerates these perfectly. They look like large breed kibble, so rationing out portions to both my little and big pups is easy.

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    Hi scottny,

    Why does it have to be a cookie type treat? I make jerky treats for my dogs using free-range chickens and wild caught fish. They are 100% meat or fish which is much more appropriate for a dog than a cookie type treat. They will give the stomach acid something to work on to help with the regurgitation issues. Dogs absolutely love all meat jerky treats. Chicken is the most universally liked dog treat I have ever seen!

    A simple recipe is use any fish fillet or chicken breast or piece of meat that has no external fat. Slice thinly, turn oven on lowest setting. Place on cookie sheet and if possible leave the oven door slightly ajar to let the moisture out and bake until treat is able to be broken in half by bending.

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    Cloud Star user here too. Peanut Butter is the flavor of choice. Harry waits for one after dinner everyday. Trip treats work for any other time but after dinner he won’t budge until he gets his cookie 🙂

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    **make that Tripe treats, not Trip**

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    FreeholdHound, glad they’re tripe treats….. Would one have to trip over trip treats? XD sorry, couldn’t resist that one! LOL!

    There are countless brands that you can find at boutique stores, and the ones above suggested are good. Just avoid any problem grains, sugar, and other unneeded additives (if an ingredient raises a slight red flag, just say no).

    Honestly though, I’d think it would be best to just do a web search for “wheat free dog treat recipes” (or grain free). You can cut then out to those big-bone sizes. Home made jerky is also great….just pop some meat slices in a dehydrator or oven until jerky-like.

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    Shasta: LOL! I have a hard enough time not tripping over my 85 lb pony a/k/a Greyhound sprawled underfoot.

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    Oh I completely understand! My Shasta gets under my feet, then if I accidentally touch him, he cowers down like I just kicked him. Annnnnd then I usually end up in an awkward jump-trip, trying to avoid his lil toe-toes! Ahhhhhhhh!

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    Another vote for Cloud Star grainfree Buddy Biscuits. I don’t use many treats so I’m not familiar with what’s bigger but I know these are.

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    Plato’s Farmer’s Market treats are fairly large with good ingredients. My dog likes the Chicken & Vegetables one.

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    Darford has Mega Bones:


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    Hi, dont you mean reflux, some mornings my boy has reflux, he starts to swollow, swollow & swollow real quickly, it seems to be water or what he has eaten for breakfast, I’ve been giving him a smaller breakfast, Ive been giving him dry toast with a Lobster & salmon paste finely spread first then about 2 hrs later, I give him his breakfast…I know ur not suppost to give bread but it seems to help him absorb the morning acid, if the reflux keeps going, I give 1/3 Zantac tablet, but bones would make it worst..Have you seen those Rice bones, I saw a packet the other day but when I read the ingredients I never heard of half of the ingredients, I liked the fat% it was only 0.5% fat.

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