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    Sara A

    I don’t mind putting in the work, but I have 6 dogs, plus 1 current foster. That’s a lot of dog to keep fed and happy. Is homemade dog food comparable in price to buying a mid-range commercial dog food? A few years ago I got my dogs off the Purina/Pedigree bandwagon and started feeding Kirkland Nature’s Domain, but now that rating has dropped to 3 stars. I want them to be happy and healthy but cost is very important too.

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    Hi Sara-

    That would all depend on what type of pricing you can find on ingredients. I feed pricier foods, so I save a bundle making home made raw. I actually figured out that by buying in bulk, I could make food for the same price per lb as low quality dog food-in the 50 cent to 60 cent range.

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    Sara A

    Well, Nature’s Domain is about $1 per pound I think. Where do you source your ingredients?

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    Restaurant supply company and butcher/slaughterhouse. I feed 15 dogs on a daily basis as well as additional fosters : ) I pay approx (all in cents, not dollars) 26/lb for chicken backs, 49/lb for chicken quarters, organs-50 cents per lb etc

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If you do your homework and find a good supplier, a homemade raw diet is comparable in price to a 4-5 star kibble. I, like Melissa, get my meat from a restaurant supplier and I pay well under $1lb. most of my RMBs and offal. The only thing I’ll have to pay a bit more for is beef. Beef is pretty pricey compared to poultry and pork.

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