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    My dog has a VERY dry nose. Does anybody know if that is a sign of an allergy?

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    Some breeds are prone to dry cracked noses such as eng bulldogs and its considered normal while in other breeds it can be the sign of an issue..in my schnauzer it was a sign of lupus. Both had vasoline rubbed in to alleviate/prevent the issue.

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    My dog with intolerances has the wettest nose of any dog I have ever had.

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    One of my pugs doesn’t lick the top half of his nose so it is dry and cracked. I put coconut or emu or some other oil on it.

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    Thanks for your replies! I have a feeling it could have to do with some intolerance but I must look into it more. Oil helps but I want to get to the root of the issue (if there is one).

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