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    I am allergic to sea food (salmon,fish etc..) and would like to find something nice for my puppy without those ingredients. Rated 4 to 5 stars.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Off the top of my head – Brothers Complete Beef and Egg and Turkey and Egg formulas, Acana Singles Lamb and Apple, Acana Singles Duck and Pear. I’m sure there’s more. I’ll have to get back later. What about dehydrated foods? Or do you just want kibble?

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    I just switched from Orijen to Canine Caviar and am very happy with their food. The Wilderness, Open Sky, Puppy, and Buffalo recipe are fish-free. All formulas are for all life stages (though the puppy formula is targeted, I would guess).

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    Thanks !

    I went for Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear 🙂 I hope my puppy will love it 🙂

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    Acana is a great brand. If you need another some day, or want to rotate brands you could try Nature’s Variety Limited Ingredient Diets. They don’t contain fish. They also offer canned LID, too. I didn’t check their LID biscuits to see if they contain fish, but they probably do not.

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