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    Jodi R

    I’m looking for recommendations for a good quality dry senior dog food. I have been feeding my 13 year old mixed breed Blue Buffalo Life Protection Senior. I thought that was a good choice, but it only gets a 2-star rating! I want something better for my sweet old girl. She is about 65 lbs, but I really have no idea what breeds she may be. When I adopted her 12 years ago, they told me a possible chow mix, but I don’t see that at all. She did have some kidney and liver issues a few years back but now is in good health for her age. Any suggestions would be very appreciated!

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    Hi Jodi-
    I’m gonna bump up your post so others can respond to your question. I’ve come to learn that most of the very knowledgeable posters on this forum typically do not recommend a senior dog food because they are usually lower in protein. Most contributors recommend actually feeding an even higher protein low fat food to senior dogs. I’m hoping one of them will jump in with suggestions for you. Good luck!

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    So sorry you got ripped off with BB… Some of their foods are great, but others? Well, you’re just paying for the fancy packaging.

    Personally, almost anything on here that’s 4-5 stars is good. I wouldn’t be too picky about getting food for seniors. As crazy4cats said, they’re often lower in the good proteins and fats, and higher in empty fillers. I know a couple dogs on NutriSource GF, they’re both 55-65lb seniors (I think they’re around 13), and they still go on an hour walk/run into the fields every morning. One of them is even known to sometimes jump over a 4ft fence!

    I know home made diets with premixes (like the honest kitchen, and See Spot Live Longer) are the favorite around these parts. Orijen and Acana are two of the most beloved dry foods as well. I’d love to have my dogs on either of those, but the price is waaaay out of my personal budget.

    Also bumping this so others can see 😉 best wishes!

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    @crazy4cats Is there another name I can call you….I don’t really want to shorten it to “crazy” or “cats” LOL! My name is actually Carlyn 😉 (Shasta is the name of that handsome pooch I’m holding though.)

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    We call her C4C!

    Hi Jodi
    The deal with seniors is that as they age, they can lose their ability to properly digest proteins. It’s important for seniors(and kidney dogs too) to have high quality protein. Kibble is very processed and that processing lowers the quality of the protein, so the thing to do may be to add some canned or fresh meats and other quality proteins, like fish, eggs, etc. to her food.

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