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    Ok I have been curious about this, is it better to give a 5 star dry food than a 3-4 star dehydrated food? Which is better? LOL

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    Hound Dog Mom

    A 5 star dry food would be better than a 3 or 4 star dehydrated food, however a 5 star dehydrated food would be better than a 5 star dry food (my opinion). If a food is rated 3 or 4 stars it’s because it’s too low in protein or contains some questionable ingredients.

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    Thanks for the reply, I use a 5 star kibble and top it with Grandma Lucy’s Artisan which is a 4 star and Sojos Complete which is a 3.5 star, I was curious if they were as good as the 5 star kibble or not, thanks.

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    I agree with Hound Dog Mom although I have fed various The Honest Kitchen products and not all of them are five star.

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    Yeah, if a food doesn’t have that much protein or other nutrients, or has inferior ingredients, then it doesn’t matter whether it’s dry, wet, dehydrated, freeze-dried, raw, or whatever.

    I don’t think kibble is best for dogs by any means, but I totally understand the cost and convenience of it being more attractive to dog owners. But I like that you top the food like that.

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    In a dehydrated whole food product such as Grandma Lucy’s the QUALITY of the ingredients is far superior to your average kibble. In a dehydrated food you can take regular unprocessed foods and remove most of the water using a low heat. You wind up with a much less processed food than ANY kibble.

    In a kibble the high protein content is always achieved by the use of meat meals. Meat meals are a highly processed protein concentrate that can be made from much lower quality ingredients than what is used in your average dehydrated product.

    You can add some meat or a 95% meat canned food to Grandma Lucy’s as a topper and and you would have a much more nutritious product than you could have by using any 5 star kibble as your base.

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    I use a 5 star canned as their base food, to which I add a small amount (half a cup) of a 5 star kibble as a “topper”, actually the kibble goes on the bottom. 🙂 Also I like to add fresh eggs, sardines, various meats.

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    I have a question similar in nature about 3 star dehydrated vs 5 star dry. I am currently feeding Sojos Grain Free Fruit and Vegetable Mix to my two youngest dogs. Currently there is no review for that Sojos product, but there is one for the Complete Formula, which I actually do rotate in. The way the review reads, the food is great and has great ingredients, the only problem noted is that it is under the ideal amount of protein. I am actually using the Sojos, but instead of adding the 1/4 cup of meat indicated on the package, I am actually adding in just shy of the amount of raw meat that I would be if I was feeding them only raw (3% of their body weight…they are very active). To me, this is a great way to bump up the Sojos as a 3 star food, closer to what would be considered a 5 star in my mind. Has anyone else considered this?

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    Several folks “bump up” their dry foods with fresh toppers like meat or fish or eggs and a few veggies. I feed Sojo’s Complete dog right now but just bought the cat version that has 30% protein. I still add a high protein topper whether it’s canned meat or fresh meat or egg or high protein kibble like Epigen. I make my own homemade raw food so I add in a spoon or two of that as well.

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