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    cindy q

    does anyone use this?

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    I haven’t tried it, but I sure want to. If you try it, let us know how you like it.

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    cindy q

    I will, I just ordered it.

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    cindy q

    My dogs like this food however it is very expensive.

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    I don’t mind expensive to be able to get a little variety into Micah, so I’m still thinking about going ahead and trying it.

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    Never heard of it. Please let us know if anyone orders it and how their dogs do on it. Like BC, I’m always looking for a bit of variety for Katie.

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    BC. Does Micah have an issue with ground flax also or just flax seed?

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    Ground flax is ground flaxseed, so yes. Is that why I didn’t order this food when I looked at it before?I know I’ve looked at it twice and both times I didn’t order, but I couldn’t remember why.

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    Sorry BC. The food contains ground flaxseed which is probably the reason you’ve never ordered it.

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    I took a look at their dehydrated dog food products:

    ALL of the dehydrated foods have the EXACT same GA. The numbers add up to 100% when converted to Dry Matter. Here’s the PROBLEM, the numbers for ALL their dehydrated formulas are:

    Dry Matter Analysis (Done by me):
    Protein 72%
    Fat 16.8%
    Fiber 11.2%
    = 100%

    Problem 1) Where are the carbs? They list fiber, but the ingredients show that there has to be a larger amount of carbs than fiber. There are 15 ingredients that contain carbs in EACH formula and the carbs are not 100% fiber so their fiber % is off.

    Problem 2) The protein % is too high! In order for there to be 72% protein (DM) in ALL their formulas there would have to be very little carbs. Yet they list 15 ingredients with carbs in EACH formula. If this and all their other dehydrated products were 100% lean meat the protein % would be about 80%. 15 ingredients with carbs would bring the protein % LOWER than 72%.

    Problem 3) They leave no room for ASH. There are minerals in the meat, vegetables and other ingredients in these foods, yet they leave no room for them in their GA which adds up to exactly 100% without them.

    Problem 4) Can ALL of their dehydrated foods really have the exact same GA using different meat sources?

    Problem 5) They list the GA wrong. AAFCO says the GA should be listed like this:

    “guarantees are required for minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat, and maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture”

    It looks like they list an AS FED analysis and not an AAFCO compliant GA.

    Lovin’ The LAMB Dehydrated –
    Guaranteed Analysis(on their website)
    Rehydrated Moisture 75%,
    Protein 18%,
    Fat 4.2%,
    Fiber 2.8%

    Lamb with Lamb Heart, Lamb Liver and Lamb Kidney
    Spinach or Kale
    Green Beans
    Cranberries or Blueberries
    Ground Flax
    Alfalfa Powder
    Kelp Powder
    Seasonable vegetables & herbs may change – but NOT nutritional value..

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