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    Nancee L

    My Rollo, a 4 1/2-year-old Jack Russell, has been to 5 Veterinarians, one was a specialist in internal medicine. Rollo’s been scanned, colonoscopy, tried different diets and tried anti-inflammatory medicine, all which has not helped. He usually yelps only on the first poop, but sometimes on a second poop.

    I’ve conferred with a veterinarian nutritionist, but diets are not helping, Dr. Katz feels it might be stricture or scar tissue in the anus area but we have yet to do a barium test. He talked about a stint to open the anus???

    I’ve read that your university has had good results with Irritable Bowel Movements…

    This is been going on for the last year… Rollo has been fed the best QC dog food, we tried raw but his poops were too hard .

    Can you please advise me or my vet on your latest research…more than happy to pay a consultant’s fee.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    I responded to you on the review side but you said “your university….”.

    Not sure what you think this website is but it’s the Dog Food Advisor.

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    Seems like you’ve already tested symptoms for diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, anal sac inflammation, enlarged prostate, and gastrointestinal obstruction (all causes painful defecation). While looking at blood test and x-rays, it’s better to check these off the list as barium testing or invasive surgery should be the absolute last resort.

    An anal gland may be ruptured or has a tumor.

    In the meantime, switch to feeding only wet food. I recommend ZiwiPeak, Lotus or Weruva brands. Flavor the water bowls and offer bowls of broth, anything to increase moisture intake.

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    Janice K

    My 8 week old puppy did the same thing. She had many tests by our regular vet, including a barium x-ray, but nothing showed a cause. Was referred to veterinarian specialists. She saw a neurologist, and internal medicine specialist. Finally a surgeon did an exploratory exam under anesthesia. They found she had an anal structure.(fibrous band). They gave us the option to do a balloon dialation to enlarge the anal opening. We elected to try it. It worked. They said she might have to have it done again as she grew larger, but that is not the case. She is 5 years old now and doing great. She does have to take a liquid (lactulose) medicine daily for life. She has taking it since 8 weeks of age. She is so cute. I say Dolly time for your medicine. She comes to me and opens her mouth for the syringe. Her stools are firm and normal with no more yelping. She eats Horizon Amicus small breed grain free dry food with raw freeze dried mixers mixed in. She is a great little girl. I call her my million dollar baby.

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