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    If a dog has reflux and burps after eating, is it better to elevate the bowl while he’s eating or not?

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    He could just be eating too quickly. Are we talking about your Yorkie (avatar picture)? If so, I would first try one of the bowls that are made to slow down their eating they are available in various sizes and you can buy them pretty much everywhere. Elevating bowls for toy breeds are not always recommended as I’ve read in the past that it interferes with their trachea which are already fragile to begin with and also possibly musculoskeletal issues. Let me find the article and I’ll come back and post it here. But anyway, my thought is he/she is eating too quickly and gulping air as he eats. Toy breeds aren’t usually chewers, they like to inhale their food and lots of air at the same time.

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    Dori he doesn’t eat fast and he has a slow eating bowl. I have been putting it on a elevated rack not to high but I think I will put it on the floor on his mat.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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