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    Our sighthound is coming off 3 weeks of what started as diarrhea and developed into Pancreatitis. He just turned 9 and has been fed foods like Canidae, raw, California Natural Grain Free all his life. Because he has a history of GI problems our vet was suggesting things like surgery to do some biopsies. Of course, surgery is a last resort, so we thought we were doing reasonably well, and then this last episode started and he came up with a Pancreatitis diagnosis. I really feel like a fish out of water now. The vet wants him on Hills ID. I am unhappy with that on so many levels (so is our furrkid). I am having a lot of difficulty understanding how a corn food with numerous other unknown ingredients, some chemicals and by-products, can be better than a food with only a few ingredients that are cleanly prepared and occur naturally in a canine’s natural “wild” environment. Pancreas issues are concerning, however, so I feel I need to defer to Vet judgment at this time. If anyone has knowledge of other good quality diets or diet guidelines for a pooch in our doggie’s boat, I sure would like to hear about it. Thanks.

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    I have problems with my boy the last 6months & my vet also wants to cut him open, I said NO, he was supoost to have an Ultra Scan the other day, but I cancelled it cause Patch didnt have his pain under his right rib cage & he looks like he’s getting better..My boy was put on Eukanuba Intestinal.. But first he was put on Royal Canin then Hills ID, the Hills fiber was too high for him & it has Flaxseed that made things much crap in the I/D….The Intestinal worked better then the Hills I/D.. My boys diarrhea stop within 2 days of being on the Intestinal..I know its has corn & its a vet Diet but its the only thing that has helped my boy, there’s no By Products & its a Limited ingredient diet I think its has better ingredients then Hills or Royal Canin.., Intestinal is a low residue kibble the kibble breaks up easy, so very easy on their tummys even if u put ur boy on the Eukanuba Intestinal for just 3 months then very very slowing try introducing new foods thats what Ive done, then last December Patch became very ill again real bad pain under his right rib cage & really bad stomach acid, I started blaming the Intestinal kibble, got refunded from Eukanuba, but we’ve realised 2 months later no matter what Patch eats he’s in pain….Even on the Zantac, The vets says as long as his poos are excellent you keep him on the Intestinal, which they are..So I mite get an Endoscope down his throat if the Zantac hasnt made a difference in 1 month, if the vet doesn’t find nothing then do the Ultra scan to measure his Pancreas liver & look at his bowel to see whats happening in his tummy & bowels..

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