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    Had a friend whose yorkie had liver shunt surgery and the surgeon told her a high protein diet could cause this and that all yorkies should be on low protein food. I always thought this was a genetic disease. I have a yorkie and it concerned me. Is this true?

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    I’ve always heard it is genetic or congenital. You do have to watch protein levels in dogs with liver shunts but protein shouldn’t cause a shunt. I have to wonder if your friend just misheard or misunderstood the vet. Maybe he said too much protein can cause problems in a dog with a liver shunt and she heard too much protein can cause the problem.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I agree with Patty. Yorkies are genetically pre-disposed to liver shunts, however if your yorkie doesn’t have a liver shunt there’s no reason to avoid high protein foods. Liver shunts are genetic which is why it’s important to obtain your dog from a responsible breeder. Some good info at: yorkierescue(dot)com/livershunt/research2.html

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