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    Tracy H

    I have two English Cream Golden Retrievers who are almost pure white in color. After reading the Best Dry Dog Foods of 2019 that the dog food advisor published, I changed their food to one listed. I am giving them VICTOR Hi-Pro Plus Formula Dry Dog Food and they love it! We are now going on 3 months eating this food and they are turning pink. I googled why my dogs are turning pink and I found one article saying it could be from yeast in the dogs food. Hi-Pro Plus add Selenium Yeast to their food…. Could this be the culprit? Just wondering if anyone else out there is having similar issues? Thank you.

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    Are you talking about the skin turning pink as in inflamed, irritated? If so please consult a vet (in real life) one that actually examines your dogs, asap. Your dogs may be having an allergic reaction and may need medical attention right away.
    Impossible for any vet wannabe to advise you over the internet.
    Stop consulting Dr Google. You are wasting time. CALL THE VET!
    Good luck.

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    Tracy H

    Their hair/coat is turning pink not their skin.
    Thank you for the reply!

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