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    Tere G

    Hi, I feel bad because my dog often licks or scrapes her bowl with her teeth even after she eats, and in between meals. She seems like she’s still hungry but I don’t increase her food portion because I’m trying to manage her weight. She’s a 4yr old small mix (maybe Italian greyhound/ papillon ), 21-22lbs, and has had 2 luxating patellas, which she got pins in to hold her patella’s in place 3yrs ago. Vet suggests she should be 18-20lbs to keep her knees healthy. So most of her life she’s only been on weight management dry food, but she doesn’t seem to loss weight, which she still needs to.
    Also, she runs hard and supper fast for abut 15mins a day, off leash while I bike ride, so she’s losing a lot energy that she needs to replenish. I think her food is not cutting her needs.
    I have been giving her Wellness Complete Health (Healthy weight, small breed) half a cup in the morning and half in the evening for over a year. I want to keep her kibble small because she doesn’t chew much, she mostly swallows it. She gets tremendous joy from running fast so I don’t want to limit that.
    Should I up her protein/fat/ and or carbs based food? Recommendations??

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