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    Philip M

    Hello forum thanks for having me! So I’ve just started feeding 5 dogs on a raw diet, I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. However the smallest one, a pug/terrier, gets so excited about food that he won’t chew it! He stands there barking the whole time I am preparing the food and demolishes anything put in front of him. However last night I gave him a 100g peice of chicken beast and after trying to swallow it twice and regurgitating it he got it down on the 3rd attempt and to my horror just keeled straight over like he was dead! I tried lifting him by the hind legs and then putting my finger in his mouth to find something to grab but within seconds he was absolutely fine and sniffing about for food again. I am concerned that he may kill himself doing this one day and despite the fact I’m sure he would be quite happy to die gorging himself on food he’s way too precious for us to see him go out like that!
    Why would he just keel over like that, like he was unconscious? Should I just cut his food into smaller chunks? Feed him away from the other dogs? He’s an old boy with heart problems. He always finishes way before the others so is never challenged for his food. I’ve read that it is good for them to work for their food so would like to give him big chunks if it is safe.
    TIA for any help!


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