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    Jake G

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum but I really wanted to reach out to see if I could get some good advice. My 5 year old Golden has battled allergies since he was a pup. He also had puppy strangles so I do know if that had any long lasting effects or if the allergies are genetic.

    I also used to think it was environmental because he use to do better in the winter. However, the past couple years its been basically year round. So I am thinking it could be food related. He has really dry skin around his eyes and muzzle while also licking his paws with some scratching. He does not have dandruff and no red marks around his stomach or anywhere else. The major areas are around his eyes and muzzle like I mentioned…does this give any indication if it might be food related or environmental?

    I give him apoquel here n there but I worry very much about the long term use. Are there any natural allergy relief? I know I read some things about Callogen and Quercetin. Also thinking about putting him on a hydrolized diet but would rather try something else that has more nutritional value.

    Any advice, comments or pointing me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


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    Patricia A

    Jake first off make sure your Goldie has no flea dirt on him. Just pull a fine comb through fur and shake on white paper. You’ll see little black specks that rehydrate in a bit of water turning red with the blood. Fleas can live year round I think. For allergies make sure there is nothing in your home causing the paw and eye itching. Maybe scented carpet cleaner, those scented plug ins or even scented detergent you wash where she beds.
    Make sure you wash off all her paws thoroughly when coming in from walks or in your backyard so he doesn’t scratch at face with paws full of pollen etc. You can try the change in diet without going hydrolyzed . Maybe SLOWLY, SLOWLY as not to cause more problems with stomach upset, switching to a food with a novel protein. I use Stella Chewy’s. If you look at their f/b page many positive comments. I also use Primal freeze dried as toppers.
    Here is many products that you can look through for the ones that people said worked and see which one fits for your dogs symptoms .
    Hope this helps.

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    Patricia A
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    Hi Jake,

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through this with your beloved pup, and understand that you would like to provide him with some immediate relief.

    Allergies and skin problems are often the signals that the body is out of balance. Dr. Dobias has written several articles on the topics of allergies and paw licking that I have shared with you below. Many dog lovers are surprised to learn about the underlying cause of these common issues and the natural protocols that can be super helpful.




    Apoquel can look like a miracle for dogs with allergies and their human companions watching them itch, however the negative effects of this drug are now well documented.

    I recommend that you seek the guidance of a local holistic/integrative vet to help you with alternative treatment options and also have your dog’s spine checked by a chiropractor – as issues with spinal health are related to skin problems in dogs. I have included some links to help you find holistic practitioners in your area:

    Regarding diet, it’s best to avoid processed food (kibble and canned food) entirely and provide a fresh, raw or cooked diet for your dog. Dry dog food/kibble is is an extruded, highly processed product full of synthetic ingredients and starchy carbohydrates, which are very often the main cause of allergies. Every medical professional knows that fresh food is always healthier than processed food!

    Fine tuning your dog’s body with a species appropriate diet and essential nutrients is the key to supporting his health and well-being. The best diet is as nature intends; fresh meat and bones with some vegetables and leafy greens, along with all natural vitamins, minerals, omega-3’s and probiotics;

    Here is a link to a quick and easy Natural Diet Course which contains videos and articles full of information on this subject and an online Recipe Maker which will help you build healthy meals for your pup with the ingredients you have available:

    We switched to home-made meals many years ago and it was the best decision for our pup. I hope you will find these free resources helpful and wish you and your boy the best in good health.


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    Maria D

    Jake I just posted my experience similar to yours on the site last night.
    I found a site called 5 strands Affordable allergy testing. It has changed my dogs life, and mine too! I’ve struggled for 7 years with his itching , hotspots and shedding like crazy! This test is done with a fur sample you send in. They emailed me pages of allergens all of which I was feeding him. I did both food and environmental testing. I now have him on beef and lamb only which he’s not allergic to. He’s a new dog! Itching and hot spots are gone and shedding is much less!!
    I can’t say enough about this testing company!! I wish I had found it years ago. Best money I have ever spent! And it’s very reasonable! Good luck with your pup!

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