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    hello group:
    I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have two dogs a female english lab who weighs in at 95 lbs. and a male pointer who weighs in at 50 lbs. Neither is fat (yes even the lab). Both dogs are 3 years old. I have had them on Iams proactive health large breed for the past two years, lately they haven’t been eating with the same gusto. I’m thinking a switch of dog food may be needed. Neither dog is unhealthy. Coats are good, no itching, and stools are solid. Also very little gas/farting from the dogs. I currently buy my food at Costco and I get a 50 lb bag for about $36 thus costing me about 72 cents a pound. I would like to get a better quality food and am wondering what you guys think. I would like to stay around $1 or $1.25 per pound. Here are the foods I am thinking about in no particular order.

    1. Natures Domain- 40 lb bag is $36 making total cost about $.90 per pound
    2. Diamond Premium Adult 50 lb bag is $40 or $.80 per pound
    3. Diamond Naturals 60 large breed 40 lb bag is $40 $1 per pound
    4. Kirkland Signature 40 lb bag is $30 $.75 per pound

    So what do you guys think? Did I miss any other foods that I should be considering. I know all these foods are made by Diamond. Yes I know about the Diamond dog food recall. Yes I will make sure the foods I buy will not fit into the recall.

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    Whole Earth Farms is around 1.30 per lb. Made by Merrick in their own facility and no China ingredients. I would use a couple brands for variety.

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    Tractor Supply has 4Health, grain inclusive is made by Diamond but their grain free is made by Ainsworth. Fromm also has their Classics line.

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    Hi Hopp,

    Did you see Hound Dog Mom’s list of top large-breed dog foods? That is what I would give your lab and I am sure it would be good for your pointer, too. Here is the link:

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    HDM’s list is really meant for large breed puppies, for whom you need to control the Calcium.

    The great thing is, you’ve have lots more options now that your pups are older. : )

    A couple of brands I’d suggest you also check into would be NutriSource and Earthborn Holistics. They both go just outside of your price range though. I use and like them both, a lot. A brand I’ve never used, but continue to hear great things about and it’s know to be a very budget friendly food is Victor. Oh, and actually, there’s also Rachael Ray Zero Grain Nutrish that you can pick up at Wal-Mart that’s also a good budget friendly choice along with Wal-Mart’s new Ol’ Roy Pure Balance products.

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    Decided to go with Kirkland Signature Chicken flavor. Thanks for all the responses. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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    Started the switch over on the 9th….It’s been about 17 days now….my lab had little if any trouble with the switch. Our other dog is having a little trouble. He still has the occasional diarrhea although as I’m writing this he has been better today. The one thing I think they both don’t like is the smaller kibble size. Kirkland Signature is a small kibble approximately 1/4 inch in size while the Iams is about double the size.

    Other things I’ve noticed…Coats are still looking good. A little less energy but not too bad and maybe it has something to do with the change in the season or just a change in their food. Their toe nails are growing like a weeds. No scratching/skin irritation but they are licking their dew claws all the time for some reason. Can’t figure that one out. Stools aren’t nearly as solid as they were prior with either dog….again, maybe that is just a switch in the food and things will solid up who knows. If things don’t improve for my pointer by the end of a month, I will probably switch back so that he gets back to normal again.

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