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    Melissa G

    Would like food recommendations. We have a 13 year old lab/chow mix and a 3 year old great dane/lab mix. We recently switched from Blue Buffalo to Purina One as the new vet recommended. She did not like Blue Buffalo. I am concerned that the Purina One is a lesser quality food and my babies are not getting the nutrients they need. They both seem to be doing fine on the new food. Only issues we have are the dane/lab mix has a lot of annal gland issues which she has always had regardless of the food we feed her. They both eat dry and wet food in addition I prepare chicken and rice twice a week to give them something different.

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    Often anal gland issues are due to food intolerances, so I would suggest a food that gets away from the protein and carbs that she is used to. Some good brands are NutriSource, Earthborn, Nature’s Variety Instinct, Victor, Canine Caviar, and Nature’s Logic.

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    I second the Nut’s food recommendations.

    I would also agree that anal gland issues can be related to food intolerance.

    I have a two year old Golden with food intolerance issues. Flax is one of his problems. Recently I have him some treats, maybe one or two per day, just to see how much flax he could tolerate. After several days, I started to get the faint whiff of small gland and knew he had his fill.

    Was the protein in your old food chicken? What about the new food? If you’re not feeding chicken now, try eliminating the chicken & rice that you prepare and see if that helps. Food intolerances are tricky to figure out. Mine can’t have fish in any form including fish oil, chickpeas, lentils, beans, garlic or flax. Any of those things could cause him to have strong smelling anal glands. So while the primary animal protein/s could be the problem, it could be something seemingly far more innocuous.

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    Hi Melissa, boiled pumkin fixed my boys anal gland problem, I just give him some boiled pumkin daily about 20 grams a heap tablespoon & he has stop rubbing bum on my carpet & I havent had to have his glands express by vet… a vet on TV recommended it, he also said to add pumkin for dogs that eat their own poo..I boil a heap of pumkin & freeze little sections about 2 days worth & pull out the night before…

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    cindy q

    Canned pumpkin works too, just make sure its 100% pumpkin

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    Elsa R

    Thanks for the tip Susan. I will add pumpkin to my dog’s food as one of them started eating poo while she is taking her daily walk.

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