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    Ana C

    I received 6 dog food recall notices from during the past month. It’s very scary. All those recalls are after the fact. Nobody know what will be recalling tomorrow.

    Is wet food safer? I don’t want to even think about whether there are BPA in the can food lining.

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    Hi Ana,

    No wet can isnt safer then kibble…
    Look at Dehydrated Raw instead of dry kibble & wet can foods, Dehydrated Raw isnt raw, raw like you think when you read the word raw, Dehydrated raw is more like frozen hard raw but it isnt, but its dry like dry kibble but hasnt been over processed & cooked & cooked like kibble…
    My boy who has IBD he does really well on an Australian made “Frontier Pets” Free Range Dehydrated Raw balls, I just add a little warm water he loves it for lunch, start feeding 1 of your dog meal a dehydrated raw food & let them decide which is best…
    Offer the kibble in a bowl & in another bowl some dehydrated raw..
    I think dehydrated is best if you want to feed something like kibble..
    Honest Kitchen would be better then buying the wet can foods in pet shops & super markets, alot of wet can foods aren’t balanced properly, well the cat wet can foods aren’t & they’re made by the big 3 pet food companies..
    Here’s the proof.
    A study was done in Australia by “Sydney University junk pet-food research investigated”

    8 out of the 20 pet foods that were tested 8 did not meet nutritional standards, the University will not release names now cause Hills + Royal Canine donates heaps of money to the University & the researchers got a bit scared they wont get funds…..

    When you cook for yourself & your family you know what your eating & have watched it cook, when you go & get take away or eat in resturant you dont know if some dropped the food on the floor or they just went to toilet never washed hands, or had a smoke etc this is the same when we feed our pets kibble & wet can foods but worse…
    Wet can & Dry Kibble are the lowest of quality when it comes to pet foods, they’re quick & easy, then you start getting the better pet foods Air Dired, Dehydrated Raw they also make wet can foods that are good aswell..

    These brands are good..
    The bottom 3 brands have come 1st, 2nd, 3rd, when tested for Toxins, Heavy Metals & Contaminates…
    The 2 top Brands weren’t tested probably cause they’re made in New Zealand.

    “Ziwi Peak” – wet can & Air Dried Raw,
    send Ziwi Peak email ask for some samples, just say you have fussy dogs.

    “K-9 Natural” – wet can raw & freeze dried & frozen raw in freezer & treats.
    K-9 Natural Green Lipped Mussels are really good + Healthy to give as a treat daily.

    “Buckley Liberty” Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food

    “CaniSource Grand Cru” All Life Stages Dehydrated Raw Dry Dog Food

    “BIXBI” Rawbble Freeze-Dried Dry Dog Food

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    Ana C

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the reply.

    Yes. I have tried to give my dogs Ziwi Peak Raw. The young one is not interested. The older ones like it; however, they had pancreatitis in the past so I really need to watch for the fat content.

    I have ordered K-9 Natural Green Lipped Mussells in the past per your recommendation. Thank you! 🙂 They do like it but the supplier often ran out of stock. I have tried Honest Ktchen Green and Blue Lipped Mussells as the alternative until I found that has a really high heavy metal rating. I found New Zealand Green Lipped Mussells in grocery store frozen seafood section. I have been given them that and they also like it. Maybe human grade food is a little safer?

    For the young one, I currently rotate between Horizon Legacy and Go! Fit and Free(both Made in Canada) kibbles as the base. I add whatever meat, fish, eggs, and vegetable that we are eating to the kibbles with some warm homemade broth. I tried to use organic meat when is possible. I also use FreshPet and sardines as the topper just to add some smell.

    Have you try I and Love and You brand?

    It’s just frustrating that we don’t know which food will be recalled next. We wake up in the morning, see the news, and said thank God that’s not the food that I am feeding my dogs. Life go on as usual until the next recall. That’s not the way it should be. Isn’t it?

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