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    Mary L

    An important step in the system to order the removal of contaminated dog food will give the FDA the power of the newly proposed law, policy and penalties for violation of the notice requirement for the product.
    This is an important step in the control of potentially contaminated feed dogs did not exist inherent dangers that can deliver power to the FDA.

    Powers of the new federal law, the FDA:

    • Require contaminated dog food recall dog food immediately. Currently, the FDA voluntarily recalls contaminated dog food dog food from the store to remove the product has to wait for the company.

    • Tampering with the dog food products currently on the market occurs when an initial notification in the system. FDA does not know this information system to collect data and without waiting for the makers of dog food on the market is evident as soon as they report the problem will be enhanced by working with the animals and other organizations. Dog food manufacturers to ensure the existence of a problem for a few weeks before the current food crisis spread its poisonous tentacles dogs. These delays the health of thousands of dogs worldwide endangers.

    • Federal labeling requirements for the implementation of dog food. Currently, dog food to meet the requirements for the label is too lax or virtually impossible.

    • FDA regulation of food imports and improve energy. Dog Food Recall the current reporting poisoning in dogs, causing kidney failure and death in China is almost nonexistent and the lax regulation of protein expression and other imported ingredients suppliers.

    The FDA is currently less than 1.5% of all food imports are inspected. There is a new certification program safety and to allow FDA to inspect your plants to export to the United States that the Company will be required. The Company can not comply with their certification revoked and the use of its products for use in dog food or people not eligible for shipment to the United Sates.
    Until that day comes, one of the best ways to assure that your dog is eating a healthy and nutritious diet is to prepare a homemade dog food diet. It’s easy and your dog’s health and your purse will both be thankful. To learn more about the necessity of feeding your dog a healthy and natural diet visit:

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    I don’t know how this could have been edited 3 times and still make no sense whatsoever. When I first tried to read it, I thought it was a spambot, because the “writing style” is exactly what spambots do. Funny that the first 6 paragraphs make no sense whatsoever, but the last one is perfectly clear, like first a non english speaker threw a bunch of word together, then for the last paragraph, they got somebody who knows the language. I sure wouldn’t click on that website for anything.

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    Glad it’s not just me, I cant understand it.

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    I couldn’t understand it either, but the same thing happened to me last week while doing research on Magnesium, so I though there was just a bunch of technical stuff in it. I reread it and it still makes no sense though, except for the last paragraph.

    I opened a Chrome incognito window and searched the site on google, I can tell from the google description it is the site of a Parson Russell Terrier breeder. For all I know it could have information about how to feed a home cooked diet, but it seems to basically be commercial spam.

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