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    Loss of income is forcing us to consider a cheaper dog food for our two small dogs. Our dogs have been fed a BLUE”S brand dry dog food for the last year or so. Any suggestions of a brand that is more affordable, but yet healthy for small bread dogs.

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    Here are some to look at: Fromm, Victor, Earthborn, Dr Tim’s.

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    How about NutriSource, or Nature’s Domain from Costco or 4Health from Tractor Supply.

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    Rachel Rays Nutrish Zero Grain (Zero Grain only!) and Whole Earth Farms.

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    There are many food brand which offer quality ingredients food for dog in affordable price. But this is on you that which food brand you can afford for your dog. One more thing I would like to tell you that you should mention your budget which will help us to suggest you some good dog food brand.


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    Wellness always has $5 off any size bag coupons on their website. Just do the “check your bag” select some random stuff, and then at the end you can print your coupon. You can only hit print ONCE a month (maybe twice, just depends on when they reset it), but a window will come up and ask you how many you want to print. I usually tell it 10. In addition to those coupons, Petco puts out $3-5 off Wellness coupons as well, and most PetSmarts will take a store/competitor and a manufacturer coupon on each item, so you can potentially get $10 off a small bag of Wellness, provided you have both Petsmart and PetCo in your area.

    With out coupons, Racheal Ray Zero grain is also good. They also put out $3-5 off any size bag coupons, as well. I usually just google “Racheal Ray dog food coupon” as I can never navigate through the website.

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    i hear ya on saving money during a hard time. i had to transition to a cheaper food during a bad time. i had success with earthborn holistic meadowfeast, drtims pursuit, and drtims kinesis als. went from $4.25 a day to $3.75 to $3.00 a day. granted we are feeding 2×60 ish pound dogs.
    look at petflow.com and chewy.com it will help with the local tax in reducing costs (unless your in navada for petflow or where ever chewy is located) also try and get the bigger sized bags. the price per pound gets cheaper the larger you go in volume purchase, keep it in a sealable container (like a rubbermaid garbage container) in the bag to help with maintaining freshness. purchases over 50 bucks from them are free ship

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    I’m a college student so healthy yet affordable is key for me. I use Taste of the Wild. On amazon a 15lb bag is a little less than $30. Its healthy, though not as good as Blue, but it’s still rate between the 4-5 star range on this website. It also has 5 different flavors so no matter what taste your dogs prefer, you’re sure to find something that pleases them.

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    I’m not personally a fan on TOTW, though it works for some. The last bag I bought, after having gone through a whole n’other bag of the same flavor, was completely a different color, and one of the dogs wouldn’t touch it. My guess, since it smelled fine and the other dogs liked it and didn’t have any problems, is that I got a got a miss bagged batch of fish based food, which the one dog hates. This, on top of all the other complaints people have about the food, the company, and other foods this company makes makes me a bit leery of it. Costco has a grain free line that is similarly priced, and made by a better company than Diamond (who also makes Costco’s grain-inclusive foods). Can’t think of who right now…

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    I just started using TOTW about a month ago. I have to say, even though it’s Diamond which made me shy away from it for years, the food is working better than anything I’ve ever, ever fed my dogs over the years. I’m feeding the Pacific Stream. I started feeding it because my dog’s breeder/former owner is using a food I can’t readily get but the Pacific Stream has the most similar ingredients of any other food I’ve found. I have an allergy dog, which made me choose a different food than what I was feeding. I have fed many top of the line foods….Orijen, Acana, Wellness, Zignature, Merrick, Nature’s Variety, premade raws, freeze dried, etc. and this food is top notch for my 3 dogs. My daughter and son-in-law have fed TOTW (at my recommendation some years ago) for their animals for years and still love it. Never any problems. I know all about Diamond’s reputation and history, and I will remain aware, but I am going to feed this food as long as it works.

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    Mo’s Mom

    I have to say, I’m a big fan of Victor dog food. It’s a 4 star rated food, and is available at a decent price (where I work, we sell 40 pound bags of the beef meal and brown rice for $35).

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    mam2cavs, what you think it is about the TOTW Pacific Stream that is not affecting your allergy dog like other foods? My dog has been allergic to everything that she’s eaten since Dog Chow which she was NOT allergic to! There is something in the high end foods that she does not tolerate. Her allergies are skin not digestive. So I’m curious, have to figured out what TOTW does not have in it?

    Edit to add: I just went and checked the ingredient label and I see that this food is one of the few higher end foods that doesn’t contain even one of the following items: Flax seed, beet pulp, rosemary extract. These are items that I am questioning to be the root cause of my dog’s allergy.

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    I also think Chewy.com has great prices and I have purchased a bag of Wellness Core from them for my rescued 15lb Bichon Frise. She is not an enthusiastic eater of kibble, but the bag seemed like a good value and has lasted quite a while with her less-than-1/2-cup per day eating habits. I have just ordered for the first time and opened a bag of Dr Tim’s grain free, which was even less expensive, and both are 5-star foods enthusiastically recommended with everything I was personally looking for [all life stages standards, vitamins, chelated minerals, pre and probiotics, fatty acids, superfoods]. I wish Dr Tim’s didn’t have added salt, but that’s my only issue and it is a small one. His ingredient list includes several impressive additions, although Wellness also seems like a great product. Dr Tim’s appealed to me personally as a way to save money – even though I buy the smallest bag [I only have one picky mouth the feed, but I want to feed the best I can mostly afford]. Dr Tim’s was 2 dollars cheaper for a pound more – 12.99 for 4lbs of Wellness Core vs 10.99 for 5lbs of Dr. Tim’s grain free. You pay for quality, but those seemed like a good value for my small dog at an online retailer with consistently lower prices on reputable items. The site also features user reviews so you can hear even more opinions/testimonials.

    You may also want to hit up local pet stores in your area for free samples, or request some from the companies themselves – a good way to experiment, add some variety, stretch your resources and save money!

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