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    Steven R


    I have a 4 year old, 103lb, Cane Corso named Odin. We are wondering what would be the best recommended food for him? He has a chicken allergy, which makes the hunt a bit difficult for us.

    Here is some background:
    He has been using Victor Hero dry food for a long time, which we know is fantastic, but possibly not specifically for large breeds. Last month he ended up having bloat (GDV). We have been aware of this possibility for years and have taken all the precautions. Luckily, we were able to notice the bloating just in time to get him to an emergency surgery in time for him to survive! The vet said that we had likely done nothing wrong, it seems to be bad luck. Since his surgery, however, we have noticed he burps a lot more often. We are wondering if the fat content of Victor might be a bit too much for him? We just want to make sure we avoid any foods that may cause bloat, and this website is by far the best and most thorough we have ever found. We appreciate any and all help you can provide. Thanks!

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    Patricia A

    Steve I know that in some dogs too much fat in a diet can cause pancreatitis. When given a little chop meat that was not lean or even dark meat chicken my two would get IBS symptoms of diarrhea . I don’t know if your vet said that the bloat could be caused by fat in diet. However, these are some of the possible causes of bloat.
    Vets aren’t sure what causes bloat, but there are some things that raise a dog’s risk for it, including

    Having one large meal a day
    Eating quickly
    A lot of running or playing after they eat
    Other dogs they are related to have had bloat
    Eating or drinking too much
    To avoid bloat, be mindful of your dog’s eating habits. Dogs that gulp their food should not receive large meals or large quantities of water all at once. Instead, let them have smaller meals more frequently and small drinks of water more frequently. Large dogs will benefit from eating their food from a raised bowl because they will ingest less air when eating. Make sure your dog is kept quiet after they eat so have time to digest before running and playing. Below is a good article on burping dogs also. Hope this helps a little.

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