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    Caroline O

    I really wish there was a way to eliminate some of the excess waste produced by dog food packaging. It seems like I’m always throwing the plastic bag away (or recycling) as soon as I get home and dump my dog’s food into a plastic tub. I know delivery services like Chewy exist, but has anyone heard of a system that also reduces packaging waste? I’m thinking it would function like the old milk bottle delivery model, where a service drops a full container and picks it up again later (once empty), to replace with another full container of dog food.

    Has anyone heard of such a service, or think this would be a good business model in the future?

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    Brenda D

    It was a few decades ago but San Diego used to have a milk delivery service that also delivered pet food. Some local pet stores might deliver to neighbourhoods close by. And there’s always Amazon. But that doesn’t solve the packaging problem. Maybe someone working in the industry can shed more light, but my guess is it would be too complicated. Delivery in unsealed containers might introduce bacteria and other things. How would you keep rodents and insects out of the large storage bins that it would require? How would you disinfect the reusable containers? The same issues are being encountered by restaurants wanting to reduce packaging by having customers bring their own.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s better to keep kibble in the original bag (great if it’s resealable) and put it in an airtight metal container.
    I use big cans with lids from IKEA. This keeps bugs and rodents out and ensures that the food stays fresh. I buy the largest bags of dog and cat food possible and store it this way in a cool pantry which, in the winter, is as cold as the refrigerator but not as damp. I can keep opened packages of kibble this way for up to three months. Their weekly amounts go in jars so I don’t have to keep opening the bag and can.

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    jimmie w

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