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    Abby my dog is a Black Lab mix, female about 8 years old and weighs about 50 to 60 pounds…She is overweight..

    I have been feeding her Pure Balance dry and wet food.

    Wet food, chicken with brown rice in the mornings…half the can..

    Dinner is either salmon or bison one cup sometimes a little more..

    She has been on Pure Balance now since about the end of January this year..

    What I notice is a couple of things.. Morning she has a poop it’s firm, I believer due to the dry food..
    Late afternoon she has a poop it is mushy, I think due to the wet food..

    Seems to be something not right here, why a mushy poop, been like this since I changed her food..

    Any thoughts on this..

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    If she is overweight, you may want to look at a high quality “diet” food. I used Wellness Core’s reduced fat with great success. I’ve also heard great things about Annamaet Lean.

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    Thanks I was looking at food in Pet’s smart last night. That was one of the brands I looked at..


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    Hi Ronald-
    I have two lab mix males, one is 80lbs and the other is 85lbs. My dogs are both just like yours, usually nice firm “output” in the morning, but soft in the afternoon. We usually walk them in the afternoons and I have blamed it on that. They get so crazy, excited on their walks still, and they are almost four years old! So, I thought maybe that gets their stomachs a little crazy. But even on the days without walks, it still seems a little soft. We mix canned food in their kibble in the morning and usually something fresh or frozen in the afternoon, such as eggs, sardines or commercial frozen raw. So, I am also wondering if it is the canned food in the morning that contributes to it. However, I only give them a couple of TBS in their dry, so wouldn’t think it would be the cause? Maybe I’ll try to do canned in the evening instead for a bit and see what happens. Let me know if you get anything figured out!

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    I just naturally put it down to the can food, it is chicken chunks and rice all in a gravy mix..
    Could be natural she used Pedigree can food before I remember seeing the same thing.
    This dog is a recused dog, she was abandoned, left inside an apartment after the people moved out..
    I have had her now for two years. I can’t get out of the front door with out her.. I grab my shoes or hat and she’s already jumping, and whining like an old cat. She is ready to go..
    I go to the grocery store and she sits in the drivers seat and howls as I walk to the store door..Wonder what people think..

    But I’m going to get her some diet food, she is to heavy, her belly is wider than the rest of her..

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    She sounds wonderful! You two were meant for each other! Yes, labs are notorious for getting chubby. I really have to watch it with one of mine. I think he has my metabolism. Lol! The lighter one I feed at least 100 more calories per day and he still is skinny. I guess he has my husband’s metabolism! I know it’s best for their joints to keep them lean. I’ve not fed mine the Wellness reduced fat, but it has been approved by many on this site. Just remember to carefully measure out the food and count all snacks and treats. Keep us updated!

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    Yes I will


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