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    jessica n

    Help! The dog flu has broken it in NYC. I have never gotten my dog vaccinated for the dog flu and am concerned because I try not to over vaccinate. Does anyone have any experience with this vaccine that you can share? I’m pretty sure my little guy has to get it since we cross paths with dogs each and every day. He can’t take a bathroom break without seeing another pup.

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    Lynn B

    Hi Jessica, I was afraid to get the Flu Vaccine for my dog that has had Lymes Disease for 3 yrs. Lymes affects his immune system.After many conversations with my vet and research, I decided to go for it . Denali had no reaction. I also run a Doggy Daycare. We started requiring the vaccine last fall. None of my clients have reported any reactions. My conclusion, Its safe and better then the consequences of not getting it . (as I live with everyday with the lack of the Lymes Disease vaccine for Denali )

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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