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    Kristine A

    I have a dog that is diabetic! He is currently on Science Diet WD Prescription dog food. It gets very expensive but I have tried a few other foods but his blood sugar levels go way up so I had to put him back on the WD food. I also have 2 other dogs with very sensitive stomachs and they also do well on the WD food. I really need some advice on a cheaper but healthy dog food for diabetes and gastrointestinal issues. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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    Look for a low carb diet with moderate levels of fat & high levels of protein, recent studys have suggested help balance sugar levels in the bloodstream for the diabetes.. also carbs are harder to digest so a low carb diet mite help with the gastro problems awell…at the top of this page u see “reveiws” click on then put ‘low carb kibbles’ in search bar on the left..I just looked & Wysong Epigen 5 stars, Pinnacle peak protein formula 5 stars & Hills Science Diet Adults light 2 1/2 stars, the others were canned wet.. I dont know if they’re cheaper but someone on here may know a kibble that is similar to the 2 5 star ones & cheaper..

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    Kristine A

    Thank you for the info! I will look into some of the other brands. I may try the Dogswell Nutrisca brand. It was rated very high and suggests it is great for diabetic dogs and from some of the websites I have checked it is a bit cheaper than the food he has been eating. I appreciate any input and ideas!

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    Kibbles are pretty much all high carb because they need the carbs to hold the kibble together. Think about using a low carb canned food instead. There is a topic on the review side for diabetic dog foods and there is someone(USA Dog Treats) that monitors that thread and is very knowlegable about diabetes.

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    Evo kibble is marketed as the lowest carb kibble on the market. I know that there have been some recalls recently, but the company is claiming to have addressed the issues (per their website). It is also one of the highest protein kibbles on the market.

    Side Note: I have no affiliation with Evo/Natura/P&G, just pointing out the GA of the food.

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    Bette W

    Orijen has been named Pet Food of the Year by the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, D.C. for 3 years running. It is what I always recommend to my customers requesting a food for their diabetic pets (I own natural/holistic pet food store).

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