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    stacie p

    I have a 2 year old Black lab, who prior to being neutered, was 100% healthy. We neutered him at 9 mo old, and he was 78# (he is American Lab, so that is a healthy to thin weight). Once he recovered from surgery he started developing stomach/digestive issues, skin rashes and inability to gain weight. Vet diagnosed him with having a food allergy. So thru a lot of trial and error we settled on Fromm Game Bird, but he still had issues with rashes. He is currently eating Brothers Allergy Turkey and Egg. We have been able to get him down to just symptoms of Bloat and gas, which is supplemented with gasX. I can’t get him back up to his pre-fix weight of 78#, the closest I have gotten is 76# and he eats 5 cups per day. His healthy average weight should be 90#.

    Has anyone ever heard of there being a correlation with digestion and neutering (hormone changes) in dogs? Thank you in advance for your time.

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    My Rescue dog has skin allergies, I.B.D Colitis & now the new vet has said Pancreatitis & I.B.D, When I spoke to this new vet the other week, I said, I rescued Patch over 1 yr ago & have had nothing but problems with his skin, swollen feet, bowels & his stomach, I said the people who owned him before must of not cared for him properly to have all these health problems, they must of not feed him properly or gave him crap food & the vet said, No, he would of started to have his Irriatble bowel when he would of been around 1yr old, he would of inherited the skin allergies & bowel problems, I said, I thought it would of been from his past, then vet sad No, dogs illnesses start to come out around 1yr old..I know Labs are known to have stomach problems & weight problems, I dont think desexing would of contributed, it just happened probably, Ive also been asking questions, I think we want a normal dog & we look for answers & Im finding there’s no answers, we just have special dogs that are very very lucky to have found us..Good-Luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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