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    Jessica C

    Have you ever thrown a party for your dog? Believe it or not, 11% of Americans have and almost 30% give a present to their dog on their special day.

    Throwing a party for your pup doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be all out or simple DIY. After all, it’s unlikely you’ll disappoint your dog.

    If you’ve been thinking about throwing a birthday party for your dog but weren’t sure where to start, or would just like to gather some inspiration on how to celebrate your puppy’s first birthday, we’ve dug up some ideas on how you can throw a dog birthday party. Take it step by step, or cherry-pick what works for you.

    1. Occasion?
    2. Budget?
    3. Who’s Coming?
    4. Location
    5. Theme
    6. Music
    7. Decorations
    8. Invitations
    9. Food & Drink
    10. Dog Birthday Cake
    11. Activities
    12. Planning
    13. Gifts
    Read More here: Dog Party Ideas

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    Roseb F

    I don’t think you have to make such list for dog’s birthday party because now a days all the things needed for birth party are available to all party rental companies, so don’t take stress of these things.

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    Andrew S

    Dig birthday party is a great idea, last year I’ve also celebrated my dog’s birthday. I bought all the decoration items and gifts from amazon promo codes. Also I bought clothes for dogs from this store and the quality is too good.

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    I’m celebrating one of my pups’ B-day in about ten days. I’m a patron of my local dog park, and some folks there bring a sheet of homemade B-day cake to the dog park and share a piece with everyone (owners and furkids) who happens to be there to mark the occasion 😀 Bacon is often involved. I can’t do that for obvious reasons this year, but my next door neighbor dropped off some “Pooch Cream” mix as a B-day gift! Has anyone tried ice cream mix for pooches? I heard humans can eat it, too (not quite sure if that’s true). No one at the dog park bother to decorate, but B-day Fidos are sometimes dressed for the occasion.

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    Oliver W

    The best time for the dog is to spend time with the owner. So the best birthday is the one you spend with your dog. And of course His favorite delicious food

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    Johnah R

    We’re planning to. Their birthdays are coming up and actually planning to get together all the siblings in the litter for a small party. They have to dress up. Ours already readying up. Got their outfits on a sale last week 🙂

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    @llcoolj89, sounds like a lot of fun! It’s great you are in touch with all your pup’s litter mates! Have a blast ☺️

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    Philip P

    A great idea for a celebration. I think it will make a good day for everyone

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    Lisa H

    I once ordered a meat cake for my dog’s birthday. He was delighted.

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    meeloun E

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