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    Deborah F

    My bichon frise has just been put on a three month exclusion diet and has been prescribed Hills Z/D. I know there are no reviews on this site for this food but am eager to hear people’s opinions. My friend also recommended these foods for skin allergies and I’d be grateful if people could please comment on the ingredients as to me it doesn’t seem like they have a high meat content. Thanks

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    Hi Deborah, I just had a look & the first kibble Game/Millet was the best as the ingredients started with a protein the rest started with brown rice 51% then a protein… the Game/Millet had 3 proteins, thats no good if u dog has intolarences to a certain meat as u wont know what meat is causing the problem, you need a kibble with just 1 protein, like just duck or just Rabbit etc, also I couldnt find the Guaranteed Analysis (Fat % Protein% Fiber%) when trying a new kibble try & stay around the same Fat% protein% as the Hills at first & find a kibble that has Limited Ingredients so that way there’s less chances of having any reactions or diarrhea, also stay away from kibbles with potatos if he has itchy skin…3 weeks ago I started introducing Patch to “Wellness Simple” Duck & Oatmeal & he’s doing really well, better then when he was on the Vet Prescription diet, have a look at these ingredients & kibbles to the Simple range Wellpet also makes “Holistic Select” Holistic Select has a few single protein kibbles the Duck or the Lamb & a grainfree “Turkey & Lentils” but it has more ingredients then the Wellness Simple, maybe when ur dog is doing well on a new kibble then try Holistic Select..… the Anchovys Sardines & Salmon is excellent for itchy skin problems..but after 3 months try a different kibble then the Vet prescription diet kibbles, like u said the Z/D doesnt have any proper meats, that cause ur dog could be allergic to a certain meat & chances are he isn’t, it just could be that he was getting tooo many high Carbs ( Potatos, sweet potatos etc) that were causing itchy skin allergies, my boy cant have Potatos, Sweet potatos, Chicken, Flour, Ive learnt when I started an elimantion diet back in March..Elimination diets are the best way to find out what is causing the skin Allergies, I found Patch gets a rash from grass as well…

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