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    I do know what to make of it other than my Shihtzu is now allergic to turkey protein. This has been an n going problem with her and the symptoms are she is constantly turning around looking at her rear end as if something is bothering her. She has thrown up once in the last couple of days and now I started cooking ground white turkey and adding in See spot live longer dinner mixes and she ate some at first and now she totally is refusing any and all food. We are on Turkey and egg kibble and have been for a while. She is my one who was hospitalized a few months back for Pancreatitis and what my vet thinks was Salmonella Bacteria. $1300 later and blood work and a lot of test sent off coming back nothing. Now shes acting the same way once again. It did get worse when I fed her the all white ground turkey so I am seriously thinking she has issues with turkey.

    What is a protein that likely dogs are not going to have an allergic reaction to? I am talking intestinal allergic reaction. I have tried Rabbit and she does not like it and I have tried Chicken and same reaction as turkey so I am at a loss on what to feed since beef seems to be high on the list of allergic reactions. I need limited ingredient foods. This is really getting frustrating. Years ago I never had these issues with any dogs. Seriously what in the hell are they putting in foods these days?

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    I meant no other issues were found besides Pancreatitis and Salmonella bacteria through all the blood work and test she went through, my IPad wouldn’t let me edit the post. Thanks for any advice on a food you think she might can handle.

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    Going to try canine caviar venison diet and see how things go. It got excellent reviews so maybe we just need to get away from turkey all together. Wish us luck because we are running out of options for a half kibble diet.

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    Good luck. It is so hard when you are running our of options.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Sorry to hear your girl is having so many issues! Let everyone know how the Canine Caviar works out. If it doesn’t work you may want to check out Addiction’s foods. They have many kibbled, canned and dehydrated foods marketed towards dogs with allergies/sensitive stomachs. They have several novel proteins – kangaroo, venison, brush tail, eel, buffalo, etc. Most of their foods are low in fat as well.

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    Thanks HDM I will keep that in mind. I am hoping that CC works and if it does then I will be rotating through the proteins they have but I don’t think the Bison is out yet so if this Brand works hopefully the Bison will be out soon.

    Thanks Bella, Yes it sure is very frustrating as I hate seeing my sweet girls so miserable.

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    Have you tried THKs Zeal, fish based?

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    My dog was diagnosed with SARDS/IMR in April. In addition to finding a successful treatment with Dr. Plechner, I switched his diet from Purina One to Blue Buffalo. They have a simplified Salmon/Potato recipe that has helped. Here is some more info from Dr. Plechner’s website regarding food allergies that may also help.

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