Do people really think dogs "should" eat kibble?

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    Kibble really hasn’t been around for that long. People started this idea its cheaper and less time consuming to feed their dog kibble then…let’s say freeze dried, raw, frozen, or refrigerated, and preparing and cooking your own…until they get hit with the vet bills and do one of two things feed holistically or continue to get vet kibble $80 a bag….

    Yeah that’s one sentence ehheheh. Just trying to get insight…

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    I tried homemade, I have the time…but it’s just too much work.
    I think if you find a kibble that agrees with your dog and add water or presoak (if needed) it’s fine as a base. You can always add to it.

    Some info here:

    PS: Now that my dog’s allergies (treated by a specialist/dermatologist) are under control, she can eat a variety of foods without any problems.

    If you want to tackle homemade:

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    Adding water to kibble is the best you can do in some cases, I guess. Try eating only cereal and beef jerky for 3 years , then see your doctor.

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    I add cooked lean meat or chicken to quality kibble (Nutrisca salmon and chickpea).
    Is that a corgi in your avatar? I had one for 9+ years. Very healthy diet, exercise, never sick… cancer (hemangiosarcoma).
    Another dog we had when I was a kid lived to be 18 years old, ate nothing but 1 can of Calo (cheap stuff) a day. Roamed outside free.

    Both dogs had minimal vaccinations.

    Some things are genetic and there is no explanation. We all do the best that we can.

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    Yep that’s is a corgi. I love those guys!

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    Corgis are the best dogs ever! Don’t let them fool you, they are BIG dogs with short legs 🙂
    Mine had a German Shepherd personality, very protective.

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    Very loaded question FoxEye. Someone on Susan Thixon’s website commented about people being so concerned about homemade dog food diets being nutritional sound, when we, for centuries have been able to homecook for our children and have them be healthy. We don’t rely on bags of “complete and balanced” processed foods for our kids made by human nutritionists or big name companies. I thought it was a clever comparison and held some truth.

    Kibble works for a lot of dogs and it doesn’t work for a lot of dogs. We used to have a 23 year old toy poodle that would come into the groomer I used to work for that had eaten nothing but Kibbles N’Bits for her whole life and was completely healthy. Does that mean I want to run out and buy a bag of Kibbles N’Bits? No, but it shows that some dogs can do fine on kibble (even some of the worst ones).

    Looking at the other side, there are tons of raw feeders whos dogs are equally as healthy and look amazing. I definitely think that fresh diets are the healthier option for dogs and humans, but not everyones lifestyle works for a homemade diet either.

    But, to answer your question pointedly, yes, a lot of people think dogs should eat kibble and not raw. More and more people are seeing the flaws with processed diets though.

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