Dixie had a mini stroke Yesterday,Feb.9,2013

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    Hi all my dog family and Mike. If anyone has read in the past few months about my baby girl and all the health issues we have had and have been at deaths door 3 times now and she will not give up and has such a strong will to live,(I hope it for me),then this is one of many updates and would like anyone who has had a dog experance strokes to let me know. I rushed her back to her vet at 5 after she had done so well,even wanting to play with her small squeeky ball! that I don’t take forgranted 1 day that she is alive. Her vet said she has had a mild stroke, about a 2 and maybe it will clear up by the next day. Well, it cleared up during the night. I’m so glad. But now she has another cist that is forming again only near her back end. She had to have 2 cists drained and had drain lines put in, it was not easy for her and to see her little body shaved. She has gone from weighing 20 pounds to 15.6 pounds. She has been my family for 9 years and will be 10 next month.

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    I am so glad you have had more time with Dixie, I know since Butch rallied back I have been appreciating every moment with him. I wish you all the love and comfort at this time. Take care and know everyone is thinking of you. Beth

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    Beth, Thanks so much. I took her back today and her Dr. is just trying so hard to find out what is wrong with her. He gave her a shot today that is a 5th generation medication. Its new and last 2 weeks. and nothing needs to be done unless she turns for the worse. I do not take forgranted one single day with her and value every minute we have. She has been my family when my family has failed to be there,does that make since? It is so funny that a little dog who asks for nothing but food,water and a warm place to sleep at night, would have such a profound affect not only on me but on so many who has seen her coming and going from her vet. Everyone wants to know how she is doing. People from Petco and Pet Depot who have seen her over the years having coats,sweaters,dresses,p.j’s, are now just glad when we show up only to buy a new soft toy or to visit. She is my life.

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