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    Laura D

    Having quite the week with our pup. She’ll be 4 next week and is a shih tzu. We have 2 problems going on, pancreatitis as well as some back issues. I’ve ended up at our regular vet and then a 24 hour one for the back problems. Between the 2 different vets and my research on foods they’re suggesting I am drowning in thoughts/questions and not sure the directions to go.

    She’s been on a bland diet and given her dx’s is feeling pretty good. Pancreatitis was under control pretty quickly, but is the 2nd incidence of it (she had same symptoms but no blood taken, end of November so we’re assuming 2nd incidence.) Bland diet is going well and it’s time to put her on regular food. Main problem – she has a CHICKEN ALLERGY so it’s limiting our options.

    ER vet gave me a couple of can samples of Royal Canin gastrointestinal low fat. We feed just kibble and for whatever reason it just never occurred to me to give her canned food. Not sure why.

    Regular vet gave me Hills Prescription Diet Digestive Care i/d sensitive dry. This food has 13% fat and I know she needs a “low fat” diet. This concerns my somewhat because she was eating taste of the wild and it has 15% fat which isn’t that different to me. I’ve also read here that going too low fat can compromise the quality.

    We aren’t sure what caused the pancreatitis. I was giving her a pill in a small amount of cheese prior to the recent one so i’m not sure that isn’t it?!

    Anyway I guess i’m wondering if anyone has any great chicken-free recommendations? And do you feed can or dry? Are there advantages/disadvantages to either? Like I said, I have no idea why I settled on dry. With the 2 dogs feeding them eating together has been an issue, one which if they were fed canned they’d be more likely to eat on a better schedule I think. Any advice on getting things put back together and avoid pancreatitis?

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    I would go with the prescription diet recommended by the veterinarian who is treating your dog, at least till the dog is stable. Increase activity/walks, keep their weight down.
    Nutrisca Salmon and Chickpea has no chicken in it (canned and dry)
    I use dry as a base and add a tablespoon of wet or something as a topper.
    I also add a little water to their meals and take them out frequently to void (pee) because I have been through the bladder stone experience with one of my dogs…..I would prefer not to go there again.
    I feed twice a day (measured amounts), monitor meals, separate dishes, opposite sides of the room. Anything not consumed in 20 minutes is picked up and put away till the next meal.

    See General Guidelines for tips:

    Also, try the search button here, you may find something helpful. /forums/search/pancreatitis/

    PS: No cheese, ever (imo)

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    Brian L

    My dog recently had Pancreatitis and was in hospital for 4 day. He’s an 11 year old Yorkie. We think it was brought on from him eating puppy food we were giving our 6 month old yorkie.
    We now feed him only Royal Canin Low Fat prescription food, wet and dry. We leave the dry food out all the time, as he’s always been good at not over eating dry food. We started giving him maybe 1/8 of a can of the Wet RC food in the morning, noon and evening. We now sometimes give him a little wet food in the AM, but feed him no more than 1/2 a can a day (he’s around 10 lbs). For snacks, he gets boiled chicken, and so does the puppy. We have to feed them apart, which isn’t easy. We also give both of them organic low fat cottage cheese occasionally for snacks.
    Many people on this forum suggested i join the Canine Pancreatits group on Facebook, which has been an excellent resource.

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    Kristen H

    I am going through my third round of pancreatitis with my 10yr old pom. The first time was 6 yrs ago and the result of some hot wing bones that were left out on a table at a friend’s house and he politely hopped up on one of the chairs and had a party. It got pretty bad but he recovered swiftly. The second bout was in July of 2015 and we caught it because I noticed he had a fever and he never showed symptoms beyond that. He is currently recovering from the latest and seems to be in so much pain. He is lethargic and not too interested in food. I just don’t understand what keeps causing it. We have monitored his food and will now switch to Hills Science Diet. I am so scared this will be a never ending thing. He was doing great for 6 years and then out of nowhere twice in 7 months. I would just like to hear from others who’ve had similar experiences. I am such a nervous wreck right now. I know I’m not helping my dog feeling like this. I can barely eat or sleep I’m so worried. I hate seeing him like this.

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    Michael N

    I am new to this site, and would love some advice. I have a 10 year old shetland sheep dog who was just diagnosed with pancreatitis through blood tests. He has lost weight, but is not vomiting and has no diarrhea. The veterinarian put him on antibiotics, and he spent one day in the hospital getting IV meds. He looks fine, but he will not eat, except for a little boiled chicken He is drinking water. Any suggestions on how to get the dog to eat again?

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    Just a thought, is he getting anti-nausea medication or antacids (prescribed by the vet)? He may still be a little nauseas…even though he is not vomiting.
    Otherwise, you could mix the chicken in with whatever kibble the vet recommended, maybe that would help. Encourage the water, hydration helps to relieve nausea.

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