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    emma d

    My boxer nearly died a month ago after his intestine twisted, he survived and is doing well but he has been sick a few times and has had some bad bouts of diarrhoea. He is on Royal canine veterinarian gastro intestinal wet food, he likes the food but I can see him losing weight and I am worried about the vomiting and diarrhoea. I just wanted to see if anyone else has a dog who has bee through the same op and found the right food for the dog.

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    Hi, Bloat is an awful thing to have happen, I had a boxer years ago & I’d always worried about bloat but Angie didnt seem to have tummy/Bowel problems my new rescue dog has had heaps of problems with tummy /bowel & was put on the Eukanuba Intestinal low residue kibble, I noticed that u say that he’s on wet food is that cause of him having his twisted bowel my boy cant eat wet tin foods they give him diarrhoea, my boy also is having trouble keeping on his weight even though his diarrhoea has stopped since being on the Eukanuba Intestinal I think its cause of the real low fat%…can ur boy eat kibble as this my help stop the diarrhoea or I do home cook boiled chicken breast with pumkin the pumkin has helped his tummy/bowel maybe try cooking & freezing some meals, it works out cheaper then the vet prescription tin foods..my boy was put on the R/C gastro first & his poos were always very sloppy then he was put on the intestinal…he shoulnt be vomiting & diarrheing maybe see vet for a fecal test & if he can be put on something else..its awful when its their tummy/bowel as they cant talk & tell us whats wrong, My boy is having an Ultrascan tommorrow to look at his Pancreas & Gall Bladder..
    go to the Review section & type in ‘Low fat foods’ Im pretty sure the R/C Gastro is 1.75% fat maybe try & find a wet that is lower around 1% fat if he cant eat kibbles..

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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