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    I just found out that my pug Maggie has diabetes.. i was told by my vet that she needs a shot of insulin twice a day right after eating.. 12 hours apart… does anyone know if they can eat anything inbetween feedings.. I have other dogs and they get healthy treats.. but I dont include maggie .. it kills me not to..

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    Hound Dog Mom

    As long as you’re feeding healthy low-glycemic treats I don’t see why your diabetic dog couldn’t have treats once in awhile. Just make sure not to overfeed – you don’t want her to gain weight. I’d imagine feeding treats between meals would actually help stabilize the blood sugar..

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    You can go with a freeze dried or dehydrated meat treats as those won’t have carbs or very little carbs like dehydrated liver, chicken or beef or even fish.

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    I’d steer clear of grains and white potato, due to how they can raise blood glucose levels (see “high glycemic foods”).

    Check out this link for some great information http://www.gripetfoods.com/index.htm

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    By far the biggest reason for diabetic treatment difficulty or failure are treats between meals, can’t emphasize that enough. So, if you must do the treats ONCE the dog is regulated, that is after the sugar levels are stable, the recc for freeze dried meat or vegetables might be a good option. When you start the treats monitor the urine sugar and make sure it stays stable. But, don’t do treats until you have the dog regulated, which might be just a few weeks.

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