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    Liam C

    Hello fellow seekers, I’m Liam.
    I recently received the news that my presa canario has type 2 diabetes(mellitus) and is hyperglycemic. It crept up on me since molosser breeds are so damned stoic, the only symptom that presented itself notably was increase in water intake, I didn’t pay it much mind since it coincided with the rising temperatures as summer came on. But when it manifested it came on like gangbusters.
    I’m trying to find a diet that is workable from all angles, foremost is suitability for her condition, then palatability, but not far behind in the real world is fiscal viability. Let’s be honest, feeding a mastiff breed is a little bit different than a Jack Russell. Fortunately I only have Duchess right now as opposed to the pair I usually have. (All my dogs are rescues and my last male crossed over after almost 13 years together,miss ya Bruce)
    Currently I’m feeding Taste of the Wild PREY topped with TOTW canned, the kibble more for effect than anything, she leaves some in the bowl usually but if it’s not there she gives me the pitiful face and acts as if she’s deprived. And it works, I know I’m a sucker, cant help it. She’s underweight due to the diabetes and her sugar levels are still high, think she needs to be stabilised clinically but she really isn’t cooperative with anyone but me and the vets are leary of her minus my being there, a problem if she’s in for several days. But I digress…
    Any insight and/or experience with a situation will be greatly appreciated, I’ve never dealt with diabetes before, much less on such a massive platform.
    Thanks in advance,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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