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    Both of my dogs are showing signs of having allergies. They were previously on Diamond Naturals, I learned later that it wasn’t a very good food so I tried Pioneer GF Chicken. They wouldn’t eat it, so I returned that and have been making them home-cooked meals of chicken and veggies because we raise chickens, but they’re still having allergy symptoms.

    I guess what I’m asking is – how long will it take for the “yuck” to be out of their system? It’s only been a week or so off of Diamond Naturals, so I’m assuming the grain could still be affecting them? How long should I wait?

    If removing the grain doesn’t work, then I’m going assume that it’s the chicken and I’ll try the Pioneer GF Pork or Whitefish, but I don’t want to eliminate more than one ingredient at a time in case the chicken is in fact alright and they’re still reacting to the Diamond.

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    With my dog, I could see a difference within one week, but all the symptoms took 2 1/2 months to completely go away.

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