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    cindy q

    I have a picky eater the only food she would eat is big dog natural dehydrated raw now she suddenly doesn’t always want to eat it, I got a bag of Holistic blend which has a 5 star rating and she liked it. Is it ok to feed the dehydrated raw in the morning and this kibble in the evening? I know some people say not to feed both raw and kibble.

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    Hi, Cindy! From my experience, it is okay to feed both raw and kibble. If they are two separate meals, you should have nothing to worry about, but I’ve even heard of people feeding raw and kibble in the same meal with no issues. So it really just depends on your dog – watch their stool and overall behavior for any signs of discomfort, but with me, it has always been fine. I feed a raw egg with kibble on Wednesday mornings and I feed kibble and canned for breakfast on Sundays and raw for dinner on Sundays with no problems.

    Maybe others will chime in with more advice, but I think it should be totally fine.

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    cindy q

    Thanks for the reply!

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    I haven’t heard that. Your dog is lucky to have different food types per day. Can you imagine eating the same food for years and years? I feed raw dehydrated for breakfast, a 5 star kibble for lunch and another 5 star brand for dinner. As a side (not mixed in), I rotate a canned food daily. The stools are medium sized firm and I make sure the total daily amount matches their activity level for the day (lots of swimming as summer approaches!). Dasuquin Advanced as treats and deer shank bones in between. Vet visits are a thing of the past. Just watch for any allergic reactions when introducing a new food.

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    We feed Blue twice a day with a variety of dehydrated, raw and kibble. His stools are just fine.
    2/3 cup Origen dry
    2-3 Tbls homemade milk kefir (topper)
    1/2 cup Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance/Honest Kitchen

    2/3 cup Origen dry
    2-3 Tbls canned dog food (topper) or sardines (not topper)
    1/2 lb. package Darwins Raw

    These foods are not mixed into one in his bowl just as we place our food separately on a plate. He absolutely doesn’t have a favorite and may start in on any one. He will usually finish one before going to the next food, but not always.

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