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    One of our local rescue dogs that had been making a wonderful transformation from a wild dog pound dog to a well trained rescue getting ready to be adopted just died today from an intestinal obstruction! The rescue is just devastated! He had a rope that had a rubber toy attached to it…he had chewed the rope and swallowed some. It was too late to save him, he had to be euthanized today! Don’t let your dogs chew those ropes!

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    When Mican was a pup, he plucked everything and swallowed whatever came off, so we had to take away plush and rope toys, and Gideon had to wear a shirt. Fortunately he out grew it. It is really important to know what kind of chewing style your dog has and to only let it have toys that are appropriate to its chewing style. The strings on a rope toy will literally saw holes in a dogs intestines because of the way the intestines move as they digest food. Its the same reason that string toys are so dangerous for cats.

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    My dog does have a rope toy with a hard ball on it. I noticed that she kept pulling at the strings so I cut them all off. Mostly she gnaws the ball which is a good thing because it’s hard like a nylabone (kind of) and it cleans her teeth since she can’t have any bones or antlers anymore since I realized she’s allergic to them 🙁

    But she doesn’t get to chew on anything unless I’m right there but still even at that, they are quick to tear something up! Her teeth are like little razors!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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