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    Ally Kloes

    Does your dog have dander? Well, my dog does. When we went to the vet, the vet said that my sweet little boy had dander. But I also figured out that dander can be controlled by omega 3 Fish oil. You can get them in 500 milligram caplets, just like the one you take at home. For weight loss, you can give your dog a few Cheerios. They’re less than a calorie a piece, and whole grains speed up metabolism, which makes your dog lose weight. Everything is inexpensive, so it bring joy to you and your soon-to-be-perfectly healthy dog.

    Have fun!

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    Dogs aren’t humans and Cheerios are not a good weight loss aid for dogs.

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    Cheerios are not good for weight loss. Grains don’t help dogs like they do people, plus most dogs get more than enough grain in the average kibble. Try coconut oil instead – I’ve heard countless weight/dander problems solved…

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    Ally Kloes

    Whoops! I diddn’t know! Sorry! What do YOU know? Oatmeal Shampoo’s are great for treating dander.

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    Hi Ally,

    You’re right, Omega 3’s are a great way to help with your dog’s coat and dander issues. Another great way to add Omega 3’s is with a sardine every few days. I’m talking about sardines in water that are packed in a small tin with a pull back top. You can usually pick them up at Wal-Mart for about a buck. Fresh whole food ingredients are perfect to add to your pups diet.

    Also, a great way to fill up your pups tummy without adding extra calories is with frozen green beans. Because your dog’s first tract is so short, your pup will mostly eliminate the beans (poop), but the beans will create the feeling of fullness.

    Here is a really great little download a friend shared with me about adding fresh whole food ingredients to your dog’s diet. It’s written by Steve Brown, a man who many feel is an expert in animal nutrition and raw feeding. The download costs $2.95, so you’ll need to ask a parent about it first. http://www.seespotlivelonger.com/home/sll/page_41/see_spot_live_longer_the_abc_way___electronic_down.html

    Good luck with feeding your pup! You’re obviously a very loving and attentive pet owner!

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    Make that:
    Because your dog’s DIGESTIVE tract is so short, your pup will mostly eliminate the beans (poop), but the beans will create the feeling of fullness.

    Darn auto correct….

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    Carolyn G

    I give Gracie 1-2 baby carrots every day. I’ll give her apple sometimes and also, I buy the small pepper medley (orange/red bell peppers). She loves them. Frozen peas are great because I’ll toss them and say “find it” and off she goes.

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