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    Laura L

    My girl Liberty just turned one in June and has a typical lab appetite 95% of the time. Since January she has aan episode of vomiting and diarrhea for 1-2 days at the beginning of the month. The diarrhea last several days as well. We do the bland diet then back to her regular food and she is fine until the beginning of the next month. We have been using cerenia and Dylan to get through these episodes. We have seen several vets and x rays have been done 2 x to rule out obstructions. I was convinced it was related to heartworm meds so I did not give .them on Friday when they were due and yesterday she vimitted huge quantities. Vet is thinking food sensitivity and wanted me to do a food trial with science. diet ZD. I absolutely cringed when I read the ingredient list. I am baffled by these episodes,, she is fine the rest of the month, no skin issues and .only 1 ear infection and that was after swimming. I need help figuring this out and also finding am allternative to the ZD

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    Do tests for Gastroenteritis, cancer or kidney failure. She may also be licking something toxic on the ground once in awhile. Do not feed that Science Diet. Go through a bag of ZiwiPeak lamb formula to stabilize her before deciding on a quality kibble to which she’s not intolerant. Get from Chewy.com. Glacierpeakholistics.com has an allergy assessment panel you can do on her as well. Well worth the money.

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    The timing is very peculiar, isn’t it.

    Where do you live (house / apartment)? Any chance puppy is being exposed to some sort of pesticide or cleaning solution?

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    Maria K

    I would avoid anything Hill’s and the ZiwiPeak Daily Dog food. I am using Acana Regionals Ranchlands formula right now and my dog is thriving on it!

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