crusty lips and belly hot spots? Allergies to food or something else?

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    Robert G

    Hi, I have a GSD and she is having her second episode with belly hot spots which she licks and bits and which also cause crusty side lips and has her licking her lips all the time and at same time she is lethargic. Vet says allergies. But to what? We have fed her home made chicken and Zignature High Protein Kibble her entire 5 years of life so far with no problems. And once you start down the road of Allergies and food it gets crazy and you get crazy reading about it all. Our breeder says it is the NexGard Flea and tick pills. She forbids them and says they are killing our dog. Pesticide that never leaves the system and just builds up.
    So what am I to think.
    I did notice Zignature Kibble size change recently. And I wonder if it has coincided. I contacted them and they said no change to formula, that it is just a machine change. Then I read on your forum about Zignature problems and someone mentioned they don’t make food themselves….. oh boy.

    Any advice on my dogs situation and how to solve?

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    Patricia A

    Get her off the flea/tick . Make sure there is no cleaners on floors or carpets that could cause reaction. Go natural. Wash body/paws if you do pesticides on your lawn after applying. Next SLOWLY, SLOWLY change her food. A little boiled chicken and string beans maybe mixed in with VERY LITTLE of a new kibble until she gets used to.
    Give oatmeal/aloe shampoo baths with no PERFUMES/scents added to soothe skin.
    Hope she feels better.

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