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    Jeanine P

    I am interested to find out if anyone has had any liver issues with their puppies while feeding Costco Premium Puppy food. I Switched from another brand a year ago and had a litter of puppies. I had been feeding mom the Costco food. One puppy was extremely tiny compared to the rest. I was concerned it might be an issue with the dog food so I switched back to my old brand. A year later a friend who is a vet tech said it was a good food and switched back to Costco brand. I had a litter of puppies again and again had a very tiny puppy in this litter as well. ( I had never had this happen until I fed this food). Then four weeks later one pup became very ill and found to have liver issues said to be caused from poor nutrition. I of course have switched back to my old brand but feel maybe Costco needs to be looking at a recall.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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