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    Jeffrey S

    Anyone tried supplements for preventing a dog from eating poop? Any of them work? I’ve read that organ meats help, and there are freeze-dried supplements offered. Also, I’ve read that certain enzymes help. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Hi, in Australia we have a vet on TV called “Bondi Vet” Chris Brown he recommended adding boiled pumkin, adding 1 spoon of pumkin to every meal, I’ve also read adding pineapple, when the dog smell their poo with pineapple in it, it isn’t as appealing to eat….
    When my boy was eating cats poo, I started watching him when he went down stairs & told him “Leave It” the Animal behaviourist saw me quickly for free & taught me “Leave It” then I had to teach Patch & I increased his kibble.. he has never eating any cat poo again….

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    The only thing that worked for my dogs that had developed this nasty habit was to follow them around, when they had a bowel movement, scoop/discard immediately.
    Out of sight, out of mind. After a while they stop turning around to look for it, lol.

    Also, if you are feeding 1 or 2 measured meals per day, you will learn the dog’s pattern and will be able to predict when he will have a bowel movement and avoid surprise eliminations.
    In other words don’t free feed, and don’t give them the opportunity to be alone with their feces. Some dogs outgrow it, but often it is something you will always have to keep a eye on.
    I have never tried any supplements for coprophagia, the price deterred me and the fact that they look like chemical junk? Also, you would have to give them to every dog in your household, plus I have heard that they don’t work.

    PS: Has the vet ruled out medical issues? Good article here : (excerpt below)
    Medical Problems to Rule Out
    Starvation, Malnutrition or Malabsorption Disorders
    If your dog isn’t getting sufficient food or isn’t able to digest the nutrition in his food, he may resort to coprophagia as a way to supplement his diet. Before doing anything else, it’s important to have your dog thoroughly examined by a veterinarian to rule out medical problems that could cause coprophagia.

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    Another excerpt from the ASPCA article (link in previous post)

    What NOT to Do
    Do not rub your dog’s nose in feces. This procedure won’t fix the problem and might make your dog frightened of you.
    Do not physically punish your dog for eating feces. Hitting him with a newspaper or spanking him probably won’t stop him from eating feces, and it might cause more serious problems, such as fear or aggression.

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    Jeffrey S

    As far as I know, my puppy (six-month-old Pyrenees mix) doesn’t eat his own, but is anxious to eat just about any other kind of poop he encounters, including that of other dogs. Anyone have success with supplements or other methods?

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    Some dogs LOVE rabbit feces (it looks just like kibble) and cat feces is caviar!
    Keep an eye on your dogs, don’t leave them unattended outside. Limit access to animal waste, theirs and others. Read through the information provided in previous posts here.
    That’s all I’ve got 🙂

    PS: If you like the taste of potato chips and someone leaves an open bag in front of you, what would you do?

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    Jeffry S,

    Supplements to deter your dog from eating other critters’ poop?

    How do you get the deer and the neighbor’s cats to eat the supplement?

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    I’ve tried a number of supplements etc and the only thing that works is picking it up when they go. I’d do this even one didn’;t eat it; how else do you see possible works, diarrhea, white stool (for us raw feeders) if you don’t pick up?

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    Hi, teach your pup “No leave It” within 1-2 weeks he will know its wrong to eat anything off the ground…..
    Place a kibble or food under the front of your shoe, the toe, let your dog smell the kibble then say “No leave It” then when he has left the food or kibble that’s under your foot & sits, then you give him a kibble or a small treat but not the kibble that’s under your foot, then when he leaves the food/kibble under your foot, you start leaving a bit of food or kibble on the floor, watch him & see what he does, if he goes to eat it or leaves it, if he goes to eat it, say “No Leave It” but make sure there’s enough time that he doesn’t get it & eat it, then if he sits & leaves it then give him a treat or kibble for leaving the food that’s on the floor & say “Good Boy”…..Make sure you talk to your dog, like he’s a human, then he will understand words & what right & what’s wrong…..

    There’s no magic pill, you need to train your dog, maybe increase his feed as well, he may be hungry…..
    I found out, I was under feeding my boy, the vet we were seeing said to feed 2 cups a day, I read the kibble bag & he should of been eating 3 cups of that kibble a day, being a high energy dog.. 3 years later & Patch doesn’t even look at poo & if there’s any food on the ground, he just keeps walking & I tell him “your a very very good boy Patch” & I can see how proud he is of himself, then I tell him, when we get home, I’m going to give you a big biscuit..

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