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    I was sold by a store in NYC-in November 2015
    2 bags of stella and chewys raw frozen patties
    I did not know that this store would be selling bags that had been recalled in July
    my dog became progressively sicker with watery diarrhea
    workup with the vet nov 27 was negative for a parasite
    I called stella and chews Monday-11/30-to discuss poss raw food problem especially since this store would often transfer foods from a remote location to the store I was near
    I found out the lot numbers were recalled 5 months before!
    the owner of the store has refused to talk to me!!
    I have reported his store to the FDA AND DEPT OF AGRICULTURE this week!!
    he has refused to refund me money for the bags that should not have been available–
    I also have a 205 dollar vet charge that he should pay for!!
    any suggestions to keep this moronic owner from harming other animals
    and refunding my money?

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    I would consult a lawyer if you have one available to you (for free or a nominal fee).
    He would be able to advise you accordingly.
    PS: Always read the fine print. Sometimes it is difficult to prove things.

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    Definitely bad business practices. I’m not sure that the FDA can help in this matter. I would look up who to report unethical business owners to. Can’t think of the organization off the top of my head. Department of Labor maybe?

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    Jenn H

    First off word of mouth can have a huge impact on a local business. I know this first hand. Tell everyone you know about what happened. Before you realize it your info has spread like the common cold.
    Who to contact in NYC regarding bad business practices: consumer assistance
    Attorney General
    BBB New York
    FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

    Don’t forget about your local media. That can also be a powerful tool to get the word out.

    Have you contacted Stella & Chewy’s? They would probably want to know that someone is selling their recalled food. It doesn’t make them look good if dogs get sick again. And they may also be willing to refund you.

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