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    My little rescue Chihuahua has a pretty bad case of congestive heart disease and is on the fluid retention meds along with heart meds. We have to watch out for the junk in dog foods because they make him retain too much fluid and make it hard to breathe. I really need to find a low carb food for him and since this is not listed on the can (like for human) I don’t know what to look for. I know he needs the green veggies and protein. Can anyone make a recommendation? It really needs to be a low calorie food, too. He is overweight. Thanks!

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    My chihuahua was also diagnosed with heart disease (an enlarged heart) 1.5 years ago. It has been a nonstop research project on what to feed her. My vet recommended Canidae’s Lamb and Rice because of the low sodium (.17%). Seriously, I have done weeks of research. She was on Wellness canned until I found a 1.5″ wood splinter in the Turkey n’ Duck. I only found it because I cut up the meat chunks into smaller pieces. A month earlier I found 2 much smaller pieces but I thought they may be roots of a vegetable. However, I did keep all the wood splinters and called Wellness. They confirmed that it was a wood splinter but felt it was an isolated incident! Anyway, I think the healthiest food would be to fix your own by purchasing or growing your own meat. Do you have any access to some local beef, chicken, buffalo or venison? Then just add The Missing Link plus any other vitamins/minerals that she needs. I began going to Woody’s Pet Food Deli in St. Paul, MN where they make raw and cooked food right there. They are also the ones that informed me that lamb meat can cause inflammation because it is considered a “hot” meat by the old eastern ways. So, now I am seriously considering making my own dog food. My chihuahua is also on enalapril, furomeside(lasix) and about 9 months ago I started her on Vetmedin…which has made her back to her puppy energy level. I get it through Vets First Choice because it is half the price of my vet! Good luck with your little sweetheart! I will keep posting as we progress on this food search!

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