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    I have a cocker spaniel that was rescued from a puppy mill some of her existing problems include: cataracts, constant ear infections, seizures ( currently no medication yet) gum/teeth disease and her sister had hx of IVDD. Now she is presenting with kidney problems. Our vet who is a farmer and does not gain anything from the food he sells says she needs to go go prescription c/d for kidney damage that is now permanent. She has inflammation (blood), crystallization and her number were in the 9’s where they should be in the 6’s. He says if we llave her on Diamond they will get worse. My question is he wants us to take her off Diamond…actually all our dogs bc he says dogs are It carnivores anymore due to yrs and yrs of being bred. He says their bodies are not used to these kinds of foods, and canon process them. We had them on Taste of the Wild and she was fine for about a yr. Then only she got sick on and off for 3 wks. She would vomit everything out of her system then we would do cottage cheese and rice and do it all over again. We did this about three times then switched to Diamond grain free for about 6 wks now. I’m concerned he is suggesting Science Diet, Eukanuba, for the other dogs and to be honest to me with the ingredients he’s saying its better to give your dog a cheeseburger vs grilled chicken. The bi-product and bone meal are what concern me then the grain and corn as well. Do u have any suggestions? I go bk in on Tue and would like to have other options to give him then those 3 foods. And with the one with kidney issues should we start her on prescription? The first few ingredients are corn, chicken bone meal and pork fat. I thought about making my own food with good quality protein, low sulfur… I’m researching renal failure diets for dogs. She’s not in renal failure but obviously is having issues with kidneys.

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    Apologies for the misspellings above. If there are any questions please ask!!

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    I’m sorry I can’t help you but I’m trying to bump this up so someone else can see it.

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